We’ve Been Had

I don’t know what more evidence anybody needs that we’ve been massively had with this coronavirus scare:

Dozens of public health and disease experts have signed an open letter in support of the nationwide anti-racism protests.

“White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,” they wrote.

The daily scoldings from Dr Fauci, the panic porn stories about the dead piling up in hospitals, police dragging people away from the park – it’s all suddenly and mysteriously gone.

The corona panic – mind you, I said the panic, not the virus itself – is a tool of political and economic manipulation. Now that a new one has been found and is being deployed against us, the corona panic can be temporarily retired. Don’t worry, it will be brought back as soon as it’s convenient.

10 thoughts on “We’ve Been Had”

  1. Re corona, a new Israeli study of ages 0-20 (defined as “children”) discovered 3-4 years old, Klara’s age, get ill the least. Heard it now on TV and thought you would be glad to hear.


    1. Thank you! My mother has been reduced to hysterics yesterday by a well-meaning friend from Israel who is convinced children drop off like flies from it.


  2. Featured in the story you linked is “Dr. Elaine Nsoesie, an assistant professor of global health at Boston University.”

    “Data is showing that blacks and Latinos have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 in many states,” said Nsoesie, who was not among the letter’s signatories when NPR contacted her. “Racism is one of the reasons this disparity exists.” she continued, “racism is a social determinant of health. It affects the physical and mental health of blacks in the U.S. So I wouldn’t weigh these crises separately.”

    Not to pick on this individual in particular, but I looked her up and she does not appear to have any medical training whatsoever but has instead a Ph.D. in Computational Epidemiology which, on further investigation, seems to be branch of social statistical analysis that according to Wiki “In contrast with traditional epidemiology, computational epidemiology looks for patterns in unstructured sources of data, such as social media. It can be thought of as the hypothesis-generating antecedent to hypothesis-testing methods such as national surveys and randomized controlled trials.” According to the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Computer Science “The widescale spread of infectious disease through large areas and populations is an enormously complex phenomenon where good data is hard to get. The Computational Epidemiology lab aims to tackle this problem by using computer-based simulation models and by taking advantage of the proliferation of smart phones and other mobile technology to collect data as it pertains to public health.”

    So the “science” here is based on combing through social media, smart phones and “other” mobile technology – doesn’t this seem like ouija board territory??

    So, I ask myself, is this biological science or just social science aka sociology?

    Public health and epidemiology sounds impressively like it’s all about medical science until one matches its COVID prescriptions against the qualifications of the personnel doing the diagnosis.


  3. Do people here see any links between the massive unemployment that has happened over the last three months and the riots?


    1. I heard some staggering numbers today about the unemployment rates among African Americans right now. I don’t know if they are true but it’s scary stuff. It might really explain a lot.


      1. Honest people would never resort to looting or any form of violence even if they were close to starving.


  4. Whatever you think about the validity of the earlier directives from “public health and disease experts” to stay at home and avoid pool parties and beaches, this “open letter” has nothing at all to do with science or disease prevention.

    The letter is a ridiculous, virtue-signaling statement that essentially says, “Look at us, we’re great social-justice warriors. We agree with the noble cause of the protesters, so we’re going to claim as experts that their noble cause will ultimately save more lives than disregarding public health warnings during a pandemic will take.”

    As the 1990’s third-wave feminists use to say when one of their groveling male allies did something to please them, “Give that a man a cookie!”

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  5. // I heard some staggering numbers today about the unemployment rates among African Americans right now. I don’t know if they are true but it’s scary stuff. It might really explain a lot.

    UBI – which can be taken away if a receiver engages in crime – looks nicer now as opposed to leaving people afraid of becoming homeless, with a general feeling of anxiety and simmering anger.


    1. UBI looks good at the first glance, but there are problems with this approach.
      First is psychological and symbolic – essentially offering people UBI, especially in the current context, while not changing anything else means “we are writing you off as a potentially valuable member of society, we are just paying you not to loot”.
      It is very unlikely that those people who are now looting (by the way, in my country such people are perfectly white) will respond with “thank you very much, now I can devote my time and attention to some kind of self improvement”. Not because they are “bad” people, but because this is so out of their current reference frame and life experiences.

      If the society suddenly comes to conclusion that it can find the money to solve these kinds of problems, it should plan for a long ride (several generations) and invest not in UBI but in various “social elevators”… But of course once discussing UBI is no longer a taboo, somebody would discover that it is actually much cheaper than affordable healthcare, improved k-12 education, psychological help, etc, and that all those measures, even if done in good faith and implemented by decent professionals, will affect only a fraction of the “target social groups”…

      So eventually UBI will be implemented via enthusiastic bipartisan effort as an attempt to not change anything else in the system. and then it will be quickly discovered that some people are looting anyway. I do not see any reason to support that or rejoice about it.


      1. I don’t want to agree with this analysis but I do. I’m afraid this is exactly where it’s going. I think UBI is unavoidable at this point. And that’s very unfortunate.


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