Good Wokester Article

And talking about the NYTimes, folks, do read this article (sorry, the app doesn’t let me link):

The title sounds like garbage but the article is actually pretty good. For those who don’t subscribe, the author is a black writer who’s trying to get his book published. But the editors have cancelled the pre-publication meeting because they need to gather and talk about their white guilt. In the meantime, white acquaintances are inundating him with tearful emails and texts asking his forgiveness for the existence of racism. And all the guy wants is to be left alone and get his book out.

There’s also a lot of dumb histrionics in the article about how he’s afraid he’ll be murdered for being black, etc etc. But the sad irony of the situation is that without this performance he wouldn’t get published in the New York Times.

He also offers a helpful suggestion for what the well-meaning white wokies can do:

[Send] texts: To your relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions.

That sounds like a very attractive idea. Also, they should stop selling wokester emails to anybody insufficiently woke at work and stop posting on social media until everybody on the planet repents and join them.

They Are Eating Each Other

If you put cockroaches in a jar, they will start eating each other. At the New York Times, editors are groveling in front of young wokies, begging their forgiveness. It’s priceless.

One by one during Friday’s staff meeting, the paper’s top leaders apologized for the opinion piece. At one point, the paper admitted that it did “invite” Cotton to write the column.

The paper’s controversial top opinion editor James Bennet issued a mea culpa, claiming he let his section be “stampeded by the news cycle,” and confessed that the backlash had inspired him to rethink the op-ed section entirely.

“I just want to begin by saying I’m very sorry, I’m sorry for the pain that this particular piece has caused,” he said, adding, “I do think this is a moment for me and for us to interrogate everything we do in opinion.”

Sorry for a long quote but this is too enjoyable to pass up.

The End of Dr Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci says large protests taking place across the country are ‘a perfect set-up’ for spreading COVID-19 via @businessinsider

I deeply respect his courage and consistency. He seems to stand alone in a field of thousands of terrified epidemiologists who are changing their opinion on the need for lockdowns to suit the agenda of the masters of the universe.

Mind you, I disagree with the policies Fauci has been imposing on us and think he’s done a lot of damage. But it’s now clear that at least he’s not a hypocrite and actually believes his narrative. These days, that’s very rare.

I hope the angry mobs don’t mangle him too badly.

Scraping the Bottom

As the 16 most recent hoaxes failed, for the moment our woke brethren have resorted to the bottom of the barrel tricks, moaning about a bunch of journalists being put “at risk” for having to sit closer than 6 feet to each other on the White House lawn and clucking about Trump taking George Floyd’s name in vain.

I’d almost feel bad for them if I hadn’t seen what they don’t mind putting us through to gratify their tantrums.

A New Administrator

Today we were informed that somebody has been appointed to a very high administrative position in our university. All we were told about him is that he’s the first African American to hold this position at out school.

Immediately, people started posting on the university message board things like, “That’s fantastic!!! I can’t wait to learn more about him!”

When I see this kind of thing, I can’t help worrying whether the appointee has already been given access to the discussion board. What if he sees this? We don’t know him and have no idea what his narrative of his professional success is.

No matter what you think about college administrators and their usefulness, within his profession, this guy achieved great success. What if he doesn’t see himself as a token? I don’t know if he does or not but what if he doesn’t? Many very successful people like to see their success in terms of individual achievement, pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, personal perseverance, etc. Again, no matter what we think about this narrative, it’s not our business to tell people how to understand their own lives. We haven’t met this man, we know nothing about him. Why are we so easily assuming it’s ok with him to be seen as nothing but a prop for a bunch of white people to signal their racial sensitivity?

And here’s another thought. What if he’s actually good at his job? We are expressing such joy that he’s going to be a cute racial statistic for us but what if he actually deserves the job?

Alternatively, what if he stinks? What if he’s pro-austerity, pro-contingent labor, and anti-union? The first thing we do when we get a new administrator is look up their history in previous administrative positions. But this fellow, nobody even gives him a dignity of having a program, or a set of opinions that might have an impact. It’s like we purchased a gadget or a statue.

I’m usually no great fan of college administrators (although they are often unfairly demonized and ascribed faults that belong squarely to the faculty). But I now kind of feel bad for this new hire. Such a great achievement, I’m sure he’s celebrating, and here people are treating him like he doesn’t matter.

I’m sure everybody in the situation means well but if you are really comfortable with black people in responsible jobs, would you feel the need to express such intense joy about having them around?

Good News Is Bad News

On the one hand, great news!

But on the other, if the economy starts recovering and even booming (which is very likely after a lockdown of this duration and nature), this will make the wokies even angrier. They will be even more motivated to do something even more outrageous. And since they own the media and are owned by those who control the digital economy, it’s going to be very easy to start another round of something very bad.

Amazon Indoctrinates

Without me asking, wanting or provoking this in any way with my searches or reading choices, Amazon decided that I’m in need of being indoctrinated into a fashionable ideology.

This looks seriously creepy. And the worst part is that they think I’d inflict this garbage on my child.