Scraping the Bottom

As the 16 most recent hoaxes failed, for the moment our woke brethren have resorted to the bottom of the barrel tricks, moaning about a bunch of journalists being put “at risk” for having to sit closer than 6 feet to each other on the White House lawn and clucking about Trump taking George Floyd’s name in vain.

I’d almost feel bad for them if I hadn’t seen what they don’t mind putting us through to gratify their tantrums.

2 thoughts on “Scraping the Bottom”

  1. “taking George Floyd’s name in vain…”

    For me, the two most memorable demands of the demonstrations to date have been “Defund the Police” and “take a knee.”

    The latter is so lampoonable that every time I see people on TV doing this, I imagine they’re all auditioning for parts as peasant extras in a slapstick comedy film set in medieval times.

    The former is more interesting as it’s about actual politics – who gets what, when, where, how and from whom. As I am seeing it, the suggestion is a product of class warfare: an involuntary transfer of resources from the lower/working classes where the police recruit, to the middle-class university graduates of SLW programmes like Social Work and Sociology (as in every cloud can have a silver$$y lining).


    1. As my husband said, if the police is defunded, where is my tax refund? But obviously nobody is planning to lower taxes. Just the opposite.


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