The End of Dr Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci says large protests taking place across the country are ‘a perfect set-up’ for spreading COVID-19 via @businessinsider

I deeply respect his courage and consistency. He seems to stand alone in a field of thousands of terrified epidemiologists who are changing their opinion on the need for lockdowns to suit the agenda of the masters of the universe.

Mind you, I disagree with the policies Fauci has been imposing on us and think he’s done a lot of damage. But it’s now clear that at least he’s not a hypocrite and actually believes his narrative. These days, that’s very rare.

I hope the angry mobs don’t mangle him too badly.

2 thoughts on “The End of Dr Fauci”

    1. “Killing Grandma” acquires a different meaning when we remember that many black youth live with grandmas who raised them. But suddenly nobody seems to care about those Grandmas because it’s anti-racist to put them at risk. Or something.


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