They Are Eating Each Other

If you put cockroaches in a jar, they will start eating each other. At the New York Times, editors are groveling in front of young wokies, begging their forgiveness. It’s priceless.

One by one during Friday’s staff meeting, the paper’s top leaders apologized for the opinion piece. At one point, the paper admitted that it did “invite” Cotton to write the column.

The paper’s controversial top opinion editor James Bennet issued a mea culpa, claiming he let his section be “stampeded by the news cycle,” and confessed that the backlash had inspired him to rethink the op-ed section entirely.

“I just want to begin by saying I’m very sorry, I’m sorry for the pain that this particular piece has caused,” he said, adding, “I do think this is a moment for me and for us to interrogate everything we do in opinion.”

Sorry for a long quote but this is too enjoyable to pass up.

6 thoughts on “They Are Eating Each Other”

  1. “editors are groveling in front of young wokies…”

    The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution must be waged to the end — bombard the capitalist headquarters!


  2. From comments:

    “The woke mob is now turning on Deray McKesson, a literal founder of the BLM movement, because he merely supports policing reform instead of abolition.”



    1. “woke mob is now turning on…”

      Nothing like a good old-fashioned struggle session to make the world a better, safer place.

      Down with Deray McKesson! Condemn and annihilate all class enemies! Carry on the Cultural Revolution to the end!


  3. Re Cotton’s column, I was reading comments to “Cotton’s Appalling Militarism” article and found at last who is to blame for the state of American police:

    // Who trains our police? I have the impression, that they like to be trained by Israeli “security experts” (It is going so great over there) then for some reason folks in the poorer neighborhoods complain that the police are behaving like an occupation army. Well duh?



    1. As always.

      Did you hear about the guy who was calling for a pogrom in the Diamond District filled with mostly Jewish businesses? Thankfully, he’s been arrested. But this kind of thing always leads in one direction.


      1. // Did you hear about the guy who was calling for a pogrom in the Diamond District filled with mostly Jewish businesses?

        OMG. Haven’t heard about him till now, no.

        Sad as it sounds, I am surprised he was arrested at all in today’s political-cultural climate just before US elections.

        Why arrest him and not 1001 other ‘protesters’?

        Btw, saw on YouTube people from Fox News talking how the protests have been the “spectacle of lawlessness” “that effectively did more to end gun control than anything the NRA could ever dream of.” The title of that video is “As the left calls to ‘defund police’, US gun sales spike.”


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