Kids Just Want to Have Fun

I don’t know what Lincoln did to deserve this but who cares? As long as the kids can have fun, it’s all good.

Link of the Day

Professor Glenn Loury’s response to Brown University’s wokester sloganeering is beautiful and important. Do read.

I read the letter 5 times because this professor is what we should all aspire to be. Not only in the substance of the letter but in the beautiful way he expresses himself.

Why I Love America

This is a really great country. I discovered yesterday that two of the Vietnamese pedicurists at my salon live in my street in the houses that are identical to mine. (They always wear masks at work so I wouldn’t recognize them out of the salon).

When a pedicurist, a grocery cashier, a steel worker, and a professor – two of them immigrants and two lifelong residents – can afford the same lifestyle, that’s really great.

In case anyone thinks the pedicurist married rich or something, her husband is a young Vietnamese man who works at the same salon as a manicurist.

This is the great gift this country offers. A good life for people with different professions, different education levels, different life stories. All we need is more of this and less of the exhausting defeatism about how everything is horrible and the American dream is dead.