Kids Just Want to Have Fun

I don’t know what Lincoln did to deserve this but who cares? As long as the kids can have fun, it’s all good.

8 thoughts on “Kids Just Want to Have Fun”

  1. You know, I loved the slogan “when you hurt me, you hurt yourself,” especially since it can be interpreted in several ways. For instance, you hurt yourself since I will hurt you back. 🙂


  2. There’s very little in the way of spray paint. Mostly chalk, and the signs themselves have nothing about Lincoln.
    Is there a side with more graffiti that I’m not seeing?

    A better question would be which statues in which cities are left unguarded AND untouched.


    1. “which statues in which cities are left unguarded AND untouched.”

      Obviously, Gandhi didn’t get a pass. His statue outside the Indian embassy in Washington was defaced with spray pant and graffiti, prompting an official complaint from the Indian government.


  3. Loved Dreher’s description of the protests:

    “What we have seen today, and in this past week, is a mass of people coming together for a public ritual to cast out a demon (racism), and in so doing pass among themselves a virus that causes sickness and death. ”

    // Here is another example of leftist fantasy today. Two videos of Jacob Frey, the woke Millennial mayor of Minneapolis, trying to appeal to a protest crowd today. They don’t want to hear it. They want to hear him say that he, the mayor of a big city, will cut all the funds to the police — leaving a major American city unpoliced. Watch what happens when he tells the crowd the truth. It’s devastating:

    “Minneapolis mayor’s attempt to show solidarity with protesters takes an unexpected turn here. ”

    “Mayor Frey says he doesn’t want to abolish the police so the crowd runs him out. ”



    1. This is an answer to the question of whether this will end if Biden is elected. Does this look like a crowd that will be satisfied with ramming through somebody like Biden?

      The protest crowds are utterly oblivious. In my own town, the people who went didn’t notice that the crowd was completely white and very upper middle class. The black people didn’t show up, the working classes didn’t show up. No immigrants that I could spot. I’m not sure if a single person without an advanced degree or wealthy parents showed up. And nobody seems to notice. People participate in a collective tantrum of the well-to-do that annoys everybody not as privileged as them and aren’t even aware of it.


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