Don’t Defund Police

The murderer of David Dorn, a local victim of the recent riots, has been found and charged.

Who is supposed to be doing this kind of crucial work if police is “defunded” is never explained but that’s because nobody cares about victims like Dorn, a 77-year-old black man.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Defund Police”

  1. Police caught murderers before they were militarized and in some cities they now kill black men at rates higher than the official (non-police) murder rate. Defund means this insane militarization of the last little while. And evidently someone DID care about this one, and they’ve arrested a suspect in very short order. It is not at all clear to me where you get the idea that “nobody” cares about Black murder victims.


    1. You know the murder rates in STL and Chicago. These are overwhelmingly black victims. We have more black people murdered in Chicago in a weekend than the entire number of unarmed people of all races killed by cops in the entire country in a year. Where is a single protest about that? Where’s a media campaign? Where are letters by university administrations and company managers?

      I posted about David Dorn’s murder on FB today. Not a single one of the people who have been posting their protest photos reacted. The one reaction I got was from my aunt in Canada. David Dorn doesn’t matter because he can’t be used to make a point. He’s just another dead black guy, fuck him. Let’s go pose for Instagram pics with our cute BLM signs instead. And the funniest part, the people posing with signs are the same people who scoffed at me when I organized the very first BLM protest on campus, back when BLM actually meant something.


        1. Also, I’m not quite getting why it’s bad that people who rejected your BLM protest a few years ago have changed their minds about BLM. Don’t you generally regard it as a good thing when people’s views evolve?


          1. Nobody changed their minds. The fashion changed, that’s all.

            Nobody cared about BLM back then because we were actually doing things. Things that involved work and organizing. Who needs all that when you can pose for social media with your signs? And isn’t the opportunity to post on social media the actual point?


        2. The point that’s accompanied by gathering money for the widow of the victim is a little different from a point that’s accompanied by trashing half the country contrary to the wishes of the victim’s family.


      1. “He’s just another dead black guy, fuck him.”

        This video, posted by Candance Owen, speaks directly to your point here. Warning, it’s a long 17 minutes, and covers several themes in impressive rapid-fire succession, but you can start at 1:30 and finish at about 14:00 and not miss much. It’s a refreshing antidote to the officially-sanctioned narrative.


        1. The part about the pregnant woman got to me.

          I can’t wait until Candace runs for office, like she’s been promising. She’s completely fearless.


  2. It should be remembered that there are two reasons the elite don’t want police around…
    The first is that they pay for their own (private) security and don’t care what happens to anyone else who can’t afford that
    The second is that no police means they can have a lot more leeway to rob the rest of us (and abuse their undocumented labor)
    No police means rule by wealth which has not exactly worked out well for any society that has tried it…


    1. We already have rule by wealth. The kind of robbing they do is not the kind police can stop. It’s done with the help of lobbyists, politicians, lawyers, and accountants.


  3. Apparently this sort of work is supposed to be done by unarmed mental health professionals? When they track down the murderer, I guess they will just talk to him until he gets in the car with them.


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