Dr Baden

Folks, did you know that the person doing all these politically convenient second autopsies of people like Epstein or George Floyd is the same very old doctor? And these are only two of many highly politicized autopsies he’s conducted?

You’d think there’s a shortage of doctors that a guy who’s pushing 90 should be trotted out every single time a politically useful case surfaces.

6 thoughts on “Dr Baden”

  1. “only two of many highly politicized autopsies”

    Do you think they’ll ship him to Germany when the patsy they’re about to frame for the McCann case ‘commits suicide’ and the cameras fail (not an absolute prediction but a likely course of events).


      1. They trot out new theories and breaking evidence every couple of years around the anniversary (like now)…. and then they disappear into the memory hole waiting for the next anniversary..
        I’m sure the guy in question is complete garbage but no qualified crime investigator has ever found any evidence of abduction… so I’m assuming this is PR.

        I haven’t paid close attention beyond what the Polish media have said, but here’s something from the Guardian…

        The one I feel sorry for is the German dubbing actor who apparently has the same name… (who came up first when I googled the name)


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        1. Fascinating, thank you! At least, there’s something else going on in Europe. Here we’ve been hijacked by a prolonged tantrum of the very privileged who have occupied the entire news feed. I long for something different.


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