English Teachers’ English

By complete accident I stumbled into a Twitter thread by a bunch of K-12 teachers who were discussing the need to “decenter whiteness in the curriculum and privilege authors of color.”

I was stunned not even by the content of their drivel but by their abysmally poor language skills.

“Instead of thoughtfully engaging with the thoughtful ideas expressed here you chose the less thoughtful response,” one teacher chirped.

“This thread has many valuable tools that are of value to those who struggle against the tools of racism in their anti-racist struggle,” piped up another.

And they all went on and on like this.

I urgently need to read some Trollope to get rid of the vile aftertaste.

P.S. What’s really funny is that to write this post I had to keep going back to consult the original tweets. I didn’t want to quote them verbatim because people were posting under their real names and I don’t want to be unkind. But as hard as I tried, my parody of their tweets didn’t sound nearly as funny as the original.

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