You’d think this is a staged meme for “Creepy Things White People Do”:

What an embarrassment.

17 thoughts on “Embarrassment”

  1. One analysis I’ve seen is that these are essentially the first death throes of the Democratic party.
    It can’t provide for its constituency materially anymore and can’t move forward (Joe Biden is the exact opposite of ‘forward’) and it’s going to tear itself apart (supposedly peaceful protests in some cities turned into Black vs Latino fights which the media has carefully tried to avoid covering).
    I can’t imagine anyone but the most mentally ill responding positively to gestures like this mass kneeling….


    1. I have no idea what they think this whole setup means. And I’m sure Pelosi doesn’t enjoy having to kneel over something excruciatingly stupid for 10 minutes. But until one of them has the strength to stand up to a small bunch of freaks in the party that has them all so terrified, it will only get worse.


      1. “until one of them has the strength to stand up…”

        Fox News showed a video of this farce, and Pelosi literally DIDN’T have the strength to stand up when it was over — an aide had to run over to her and pull the old lady up off the floor.

        The woman kneeling behind Pelosi’s right shoulder spent the whole eight-plus minutes frantically trying to keep her dress from slipping up above her crotch, and another woman kept checking her text mail.

        Trump has no idea how lucky he is to be running against such idiots.


        1. At least, they didn’t make the fat guy kneel. Nadler, is he? It would have been downright cruel.

          What a bunch of sad clowns. Talking about branding, theirs sucks.


  2. OK, ignorant foreigner here, but what are these folks wearing around their necks? Is it some kind of liturgical gear worn by American politicians that I have up to this point in my life never seen before? (Or could it be super fancy towels they keep at the ready in case they have to wash feet?)


    1. It’s something that very rich lefties mysteriously associate with “African heritage.” This usually makes people who are actually from Africa very confused.

      So I’m guessing they are culturally appropriating to pretend they are from Africa. Which, contrary to what one might assume, is a good thing.


  3. I could almost excuse the kneeling, that’s something people are doing all over the place right now. But the sashes just push it over the edge into complete cringe territory.

    @GSW – I am not entirely sure about the meaning of the sashes, but I have seen similar sashes worn by African American ministers and students involved in African American student groups wear something similar at graduation ceremonies. It’s not something I have ever seen white people wearing.

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    1. “African American student groups wear something similar at graduation ceremonies…”

      OK, thanks, looked it up, Kente sashes – origin Ghana/West Africa – very beautiful indeed – (I mean the sashes not the pretentious poseurs wearing them)

      “This usually makes people who are actually from Africa very confused.”

      In this regard, I have a good story about a dweebish Canadian guy who many years ago took a job as a teacher in a south-central African country. He had flown to his rural school via Nigeria and, while on stopover in the Lagos airport, bought a colourful Kente-style hat that he subsequently wore nearly continuously for the two years of his contract. Word was that his students and locals all believed that he must be wearing a typical Canadian hat.


  4. They either

    Know there is going to be no election in November.
    Are deliberately tanking the election so bad that the Democratic Party will go away.
    Are insane


    1. Here’s a far more interesting question. You are on the left, right? When you saw the kneeling video, did you get goosebumps? Did you feel, wow, this is so cool? Did you think, yes, this is my party, these are my people!

      If yes, they succeeded and the photo op was a smart thing. If you didn’t, it failed. A branding trick that needs a backstory is a failure. Like a work of art, it should exist and be enjoyable on its own merits.

      If people on the left say it gives them the feels, I won’t dispute it.


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