There Are No Democrats

On CNN, the Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender is informing viewers that if a person has their house broken into in the middle of the night, the desire to call the police “comes from a place of privilege.”

And then people ask me if Democrats have changed. They haven’t changed, they have walked away. They don’t exist anymore. They have gone away and now the space where they used to be is occupied by truly horrible, horrible human beings like this Lisa Bender.

And the fact that nobody is standing up to Lisa Bender and saying out loud what a horrible person she is demonstrates that she’s not an outlier.

It might be nothing to those of you who never were Democrats but I registered as a Democrat immediately after I became a citizen and could vote. Obviously, the vicious little twerps like this Bender weren’t what I wanted to vote for.

6 thoughts on “There Are No Democrats”

  1. I’ve never registered as Democrat but I’ve always voted for the party’s candidates. Now that it has been kidnapped by loonies, I think I will go independent. I don’t think I’m there yet to totally embrace what the Republican Party stands for.

    I know that voting for an independent candidate is like throwing a dollar on a million dollar problem, but I feel I’m left with no other choice that I can feel at peace with.

    I believe a lot of people feel the same way. They are quiet now but election comes, they will either not vote, vote for Trump, or vote independent. Things are really looking great for Trump in the fall. I have no doubts he will win.


    1. I agree. This has gone into a completely loony direction and I’m seeing nothing but crazy Soviet-like proposals by immature, unhealthy people. There’s nothing here to vote for. They make Trump look calm, reasonable and moderate, which I thought completely impossible but they achieved it.

      It’s extremely disappointing and sad.


      1. “They make Trump look calm, reasonable and moderate”

        One blogger I follow predicted pretty much this (not the particulars but the collapse of the democrats as coherent political actors if they didn’t get behind Bernie or someone like him) back in 2016….

        And supposedly Peter Turchin predicted outbreaks of political violence beginning around 2020…


    1. “Biden breaks…”

      Not so fast, Anon…

      According to the story you’ve posted, “Biden supports ‘the urgent need for reform,’ including funding for public schools, summer programs, mental health and substance abuse treatment… funding community policing programs”

      So, as I read it, the signal is being sent in plain language that new money will indeed flow to police ‘reform’ programs to create the new bureaucratic jobs for SJW university grads which I believe are behind all this defund bullcrappy. The question in expenditure politics is always, always, always cui bono.


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