Why Are We Humoring Them?

Titania McGrath is officially out of business. There can’t be a parody of a movement that is far beyond any parody:

MPD150, a community advocacy organization in Minneapolis, focuses on abolishing local police. Its work has been spotlighted since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Police custody.

“The people who respond to crises in our community should be the people who are best-equipped to deal with those crises,” the organization says.

Rather than “strangers armed with guns,” the organization says, first responders should be mental health providers, social workers, victim advocates and other community members in less visible roles.

These are deeply unhealthy people and for some unfathomable reason we are all humoring them.

8 thoughts on “Why Are We Humoring Them?”

  1. Let Minneapolis try it. Hire all the eager little SJW social work grads. Send them out to work robberies, domestic violence calls, hostage situations, active shooters, meth labs, reckless drivers, etc. See how long it takes them to either switch careers or beg for armed backup…


    1. After defunding the police, the woke can employ private security to protect their gated communities and black people can be left to solve their own problems without white encroachment on black spaces.


  2. Well, training city police in Israel with counterinsurgency commandos is a bit excessive, you know.

    Here’s the law enforcement called out recently in Washington: https://news.yahoo.com/exclusive-leaked-document-reveals-details-of-federal-law-enforcement-patrolling-washington-amid-protests-154138680.html

    And then, or actually first, you have to consider the private prisons and all the use of private security firms. None of this is good when you start looking at it.


    1. // training city police in Israel with counterinsurgency commandos

      Where have you found this information?


  3. Have you seen this article about everybody ignoring horrible police violence against gilets jaunes in France?

    Do French Lives Matter?
    Where was the outrage when police were maiming protesters in France?

    What is striking in this sudden outpouring of protest is how much it contrasts with the total indifference to the police violence which was, not long ago, on display week in, week out practically on our doorstep. I’m talking, of course, about the yellow-vest protests in France.

    The scale of police violence was astonishing and stomach-churning. Between November 2018 and June 2019, according to figures compiled by Médiapart, 860 protesters were injured by the police – 315 suffered head injuries; 24 lost the use of an eye; and five had hands torn off. In December 2018, an elderly woman who had no involvement in the protests was killed when police threw a grenade into her flat.

    Among these victims are not only protesters but also journalists and medics. Police have been filmed beating elderly and disabled people, as well as using tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters. The main source of injuries was ‘Flashball’ rubber bullets – a non-lethal weapon that has been banned in every EU country except France. More than 13,000 of these bullets were fired in the first three months of the protests. Another extreme weapon used by police was the GLI-F4 – a teargas grenade which contains explosives that maimed numerous protesters. The grenade was eventually banned by the French government in early 2020.

    Things got so bad that the UN called for a ‘full investigation’ into the police’s ‘excessive use of force’. Similarly, the Council of Europe’s human-rights commissioner called for an end to the use of Flashballs against protesters. Amnesty International denounced the ‘extremely heavy-handed’ policing deployed against peaceful protesters. Eventually, even the French government acknowledged it had a problem with police violence.


    1. Forget France. We’ve had the most violent weekend in Chicago in 60 years. Most victims are black. Many were unarmed, completely innocent bystanders.

      Is BLM going to notice? Obviously not. It’s heresy to notice the 93 people shot in Chicago over just two days.


      1. “Is BLM going to notice?”

        You know better than to even ask the same way you knew better than to even ask if Zinoviev (to pick a name at random) really was conspiring with Trotsky (or whatever they charged him with) in the Stalin show trials…


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