Bernie Balls

Once it became too late to matter, Bernie Sanders found his balls:

7 thoughts on “Bernie Balls”

  1. More class warfare over policing budget $$ – replace those lower/working class Trump-loving stiffs with “professional” middle class SJW university grads. He may not think that’s what he’s saying, but that’s exactly what he’s saying.


  2. Saying « Defund The Police » without meaning it is childish.

    But, reducing police budgets (it’s clear that there’s too much money in police in the US) to reassign them to real Social Welfare is a good idea. And by social welfare, I don’t mean diversity offices.


    1. “reassign to real Social Welfare”

      In general, I would agree that people who have serious mental health problems, and find themselves caught in the criminal justice system, are frequently ill served by the system for all sorts of reasons including lack of appropriate resources.

      But let’s not kid ourselves that most criminals don’t have agency, that “society” is somehow responsible for criminal activity, and that social work counselling is the go-to solution for assault, robbery, domestic violence, drug trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, etc.

      Police careers are honourable, difficult work and very often a vehicle of upward social mobility for the sons and daughters of lower/working class families who don’t have university degrees. Cui bono if police jobs are now reserved for social justice warrior B.A.s or B.S.W.s under the false flag of promoting professionalization?


      1. I don’t get this police-phobia at all. I come from a country where police are really bad, corrupt, violent. The US police are phenomenally professional en masse. And of course, there are some bad apples like in any profession.

        But then again, I have a great relationship with my dad, so no daddy issues here. 🙂


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