Joke of the Day

Have you ever heard the joke about a cure for COVID?

It’s a riot!

P.S. I totally plagiarized it, sorry.

5 thoughts on “Joke of the Day”

    1. Side effects include temporal insanity and inability to form independent opinions. Some patients might experience the urge for rabid censorship.

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    1. @el:

      “Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease”

      This article doesn’t provide any “new” news about the COVID-19 virus, just places more emphasis on the disease’s known effects on the cardiovascular system. The clotting problems and resultant multi-organ damage in many patients have been well documented for several months now. It’s also well known that anti-hypertensive medications like ACE inhibitors are helpful in lessening the severity of the COVID disease for patients already being treated for chronic hypertension.

      Like all pathological corona viruses, COVID-19 enters the body through the respiratory system, so it’s definitely a “respiratory disease,” but one with the potential for severe damage beyond the lungs.

      I’m not familiar with the site you linked. This specific article, written by a lay author with no apparent training in medical issues, follows the standard pattern in such articles: quoting one or more “experts” with a particular axe to grind. Many lay articles about medical and scientific issues provide terribly distorted misinformation, so read them all with a huge grain of salt.

      The “expert” quoted at the end of this article is suggesting two things: that pursuit of anti-viral treatment for COVID (a vaccine) might be the wrong approach, and that perhaps medications like ACE inhibitors and statins should be considered for COVID patients without underlying hypertension or heart disease. The second suggestion is worth examining with appropriate studies, but abandoning development of a vaccine in the meantime is just foolish.


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