Positive Side

Well, at least the mail voting idea has died a painful death thanks to the riots.

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      1. I voted in a school district referendum today. I had to stand in line for an hour and a half. I know people who have had to stand in line for more than four hours to vote in the past few elections.


        1. Clarissa doesn’t actually give a fuck about the votes of people who would vote by mail. As long as it takes her about five minutes to vote in her precinct, no problems could possibly actually exist with voting anywhere else for anyone at any time period you can name.

          Meanwhile in Georgia:

          Georgia election ‘catastrophe’ in largely minority areas sparks investigation
          Long lines, lack of voting machines and shortages of primary ballots plagued voters.

          This is a PRIMARY. How fucking bonkers is this?


          1. Ah, a fresh report from “Pravda” complete with “the real governor Stacey Abrams.”

            I wonder who it is that people are so desperate to vote for in that crucial primary. The future of the election is hanging in the balance! Who is the lucky winner? The suspense is unbearable.


    1. The problem is, dumping ballots on addresses somebody mysteriously chooses opens a lot of room for falsification.

      This is a big, complicated country with many different kinds of local authorities. There’s no way anybody can guarantee a transparent, unmessed-with process of distributing the ballots.

      And why do it anyway? Why create a suspicion in half the country that the results have been falsified? What is the gain?


      1. I’m sure you’ve read various discussions about vote suppression and how much harder it is for working-class people with inflexible jobs and, say, no car, to vote in person.


        1. It seems to have posed no difficulty for the extremely dispossessed multitudes marching and rioting these past two weeks, so I guess that problem has been solved.


          1. Just this once. To really solve it, we’d need to ensure mass unemployment during every election. 🙂


          2. Just this once. To really solve it, we need to ensure mass unemployment during every election 🙂


          1. After all the massive effort, THIS is the only dirt that’s been dug on her? :-)))

            She’s a phenomenally professional talented person. Of course, people are upset.


  1. counting of mail-in votes can be done ahead of election day;
    given this information a week in advance, for candidates in close elections, or with small numbers of voters, any ‘shortfalls’ suggested by the mail-in ballots can be made up via vigorous get out the vote legwork (or less legal methods), so as to make a close loss into a close victory.
    most elections for most local officials have small numbers of voters, so a few hundred or at most a few thousand votes is all it takes.
    imagining that this isn’t how it works is, it seems to me, overly optimistic.

    I believe it was Stalin who is suppoosed to have said he didn’t care who ran for office, he cared who got to count the votes.


    1. Thanks for explaining this! I’ve been wondering… because in my area, we get a lot of by-mail votes (they don’t send ballots to everyone, but anyone can request one by internet or phone), but most of them are from overseas military, housebound retirees, etc. and tend to skew Republican as you’d expect from the demographic. I knew there was some kind of scamming possible, I just wasn’t sure where/how the scamming was supposed to be happening.

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  2. Voting procedures in America are set at the state level for all elections including for President, and it should stay that way. Geographic conditions and the degree of difficulty getting to polling places vary considerably between states like, say, Alaska and Rhode Island, and the federal government doesn’t need to dictate a one-method-fits-all for the entire country.

    Arizona allows early voting by mail for people who want it, but also opens polling places for masochists who want to stand for hours in 110-degree sunshine on election day.

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  3. As a national of a European country notorious for its high levels of corruption in all spheres of public life and which has only recently allowed vote by mail exclusively for Nationals who are legally resident abroad, I cannot countenance the validity of any voting method that is not in person, subject to verified ID and by prior registration on the electoral rolls. Any other method is bound to provide loopholes for anyone intent on malpractice and fraud, especially in these fractious times. Voting is too important for the continued well-being of a functioning democracy for it to be made as easy as ordering coffee over your phone. Voting by e-mail may be practicable and safe in a small country like Estonia but it cannot be done in such a huge and socially complicated country as the US without making it vulnerable to serious electoral fraud.


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