Borders and Warlords

Curiously, the first thing the very leftist protesters did when establishing their zone of freedom in Seattle was to create borders and start policing them.

Then they got their own warlord but that’s a different story.

How Can You Be For This?

What I will never comprehend is how people can support this:

If things weren’t already chaotic enough, Serbian soccer player Aleksandar Katai was released from the Los Angeles Galaxy last Friday following a day of indignant protests by fans outside Dignity Health Sports Park. What was Katai’s great offense? Being married to Tea Katai, who made Instagram posts comparing police-brutality protestors to cattle, called for violent action against them (“shoot the s***s”), and captioned an image of a supposed looter carrying off a pair of sneakers with “Black Nikes Matter.”

How can you be a good person and be for that? How can you be for the people who are trying to get that kid with an ancient MySpace page at Yale expelled? How can you be for the people who got Gordon Klein removed from teaching and receiving death threats for wanting to hold a final exam in his course? The people on social media who are soliciting information on postings by students, including underage, to dox and persecute them? There’s a million more stories, so these are not outliers.

Most people are good so there’s got to be some complicated defense system they have come up with to explain this to themselves. What is it? How can you vote for the side that supports this? What’s the justification?

“It’s not going to happen to me because my old social media accounts and my relatives are 100% virtuous including by the currently unknown standards that will spring up in the future”?

“This doesn’t happen to good people like me”?

“This only happens to people with desirable jobs, and I hate them anyway”?

“Yes, these are unfortunate excesses but on the flip side they are promising single-payer healthcare”?

Is it some sort of a completely primitive partisanship?

Or are people so enslaved, so irreparably stunted that they don’t understand why this is bad? Are they yes-butting it? Are they unwittingly using Stalin’s favorite talking point about “unfortunate excesses in limited places”? Which takes us back to the theory about people being irreparably stunted intellectually, and I don’t want to believe that.

Joke’s on Me

Those of us with big Kindle and Audible collections are screwed:

HBO Max removed “Gone With the Wind” from its platform amid growing concerns about racial injustice in the wake of the killing of George Floyd (corrects typo)

Mike has been warning about this since Kindle was invented, and I’ve been thinking he’s exaggerating. Joke’s on me, it seems.

Not only should we fear the purging of our collections, the time is coming when we’ll be doxxed and dragged through the mud for what we did or didn’t purchase.