Borders and Warlords

Curiously, the first thing the very leftist protesters did when establishing their zone of freedom in Seattle was to create borders and start policing them.

Then they got their own warlord but that’s a different story.

26 thoughts on “Borders and Warlords”

  1. “Seattle police working on reopening a dialogue with protestors.”

    If “Law and Order” Trump wasn’t all mouth, he’d be mobilizing the 82nd Airborne to parachute in with fixed bayonets. This nonsense has gone on long enough.


    1. Then he would be the baddie and they, martyrs. At this point, why not let it play out? They will start executing each other for wrongthink any day now.


  2. // Then they got their own warlord but that’s a different story.

    Where have you seen that? Sounds very entertaining. 🙂

    I am used to Palestinian terrorists, so vegan Autonomous Zone and the begging for vegan food “to keep the area operational” sounds cute.

    Russians replay WW2, rich Westerners – civil rights movement. Bread and circuses everywhere, and the Western version is the less harmful one. One would rather live in Seattle than in Autonomous Zones of the LNR and the DNR.

    Still, how would creating any zones in rich liberal Seatle help with police violence in poor urban black communities in other states? Do they have a black ghetto in Seatle, or are those barricades the most entertaining and dangerous thing Seatle police had seen in years?


  3. Why do you suppose the police and the mayor let this happen?

    It’s not like they didn’t get enough weaponry from Homeland Security dating back about fifteen years to flatten people. For that matter, it was always amazing to me the police didn’t get twitchy about “second amendment protesters” dressed like they were going to commit school shootings. I’m surprised some iii%ers haven’t shown up already.

    I give it a week before it gets ugly.


    1. The police can’t do anything just because they feel like it. They need an order. And the mayor and the governor won’t give the order because they are on the same side with these “protesters”.


  4. Also, I am sure the homeless would have preferred real meat, and it would’ve cost a fraction of what one must pay for those inferior vegan options. Then the activists would be left with all their soy products intact.


  5. What’s true, false about the protester-occupied autonomous zone known as ‘CHAZ’

    Some tall tales are coming out of that “autonomous zone” on Capitol Hill that protesters now seem to control.

    The trouble is that there is just enough truth in the stories being told to cast doubt on what’s a lie.

    What’s real might be scary enough for some people but there are also dangerous exaggerations that have taken on a life of their own.

    After Seattle police boarded up and abandoned the east precinct, a story started to spread that protesters with guns had broken in and were occupying the building. This is false.

    However, armed citizens are patrolling the streets around the police station.

    Washington is an open-carry state but police said there are limits.

    “There is no legal right for those arms to be used to intimidate community members,” said Asst. Chief Deanna Nollette during a briefing outside of police department headquarters.

    And the truth actually gets even worse.

    “We have heard anecdotally reports of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area,” Nollette said. “This is the crime of extortion.”

    As for any police facilities being taken over at this point, that is false. But a KOMO News photographer did find barricades and other measures going up at the south police precinct, possibly as a pre-emptive measure.

    Another misconception is that protesters speak with one voice, which is false.

    “The collective believes in the diversity of tactics,” said protest organizer Dae Shik Kim Hawkins, Jr. “I think a lot of different coalitions and efforts are trying to achieve a very similar goal.”

    Police said they are reaching out to these leaders so they can move back into the east precinct without inciting more civil unrest.

    “We are dedicated to working with peaceful protesters to figure out a way to move forward,” Nollette said.

    There are still officers near the occupied area and Nollette said they are still responding to emergency calls.


  6. // // Then they got their own warlord but that’s a different story.

    Found the story here:

    Those people are stupid enough to be filmed while threatening, physically attacking (breaking glasses) and stealing a phone from a black man whose only crime was putting graffiti on somebody else’s mural. Hope the 55 minute video will be sufficient grounds to arrest all of them.

    As Dreher put it, “If you won’t have President Trump, prepare to pay your respects to Raz Simone.”

    And, unlike Trump or police, those self-appointed enforcers on a power trip are accountable to no one.


  7. // The police can’t do anything just because they feel like it. They need an order. And the mayor and the governor won’t give the order because they are on the same side with these “protesters”.

    From comments to Rod Dreher’s post (do you think they lie?):

    // Let’s say for argument’s that they are all “chavs” of the worst sort. The Seattle Police Department has a history of brutality on people generally, blacks especially, and went on a violent rampage from the beginning of the current series of protests. Granted it is not as bad as Chicago and possibly as Minneapolis’ as well. I do not know the latter’s history well enough to be sure.

    I would say that the city government and the police are hoisted by their own petard. Keep abusing someone long enough and they are likely to respond. The police are given a pass on almost anything that they do, almost no matter how illegal, by a city government that wants or fears the police union’s power. If an unfortunate situation has occurred, the city and police have no one to blame except themselves. Anyways, I wouldn’t trust that police department if they said that the Sun rose in the East and set in the West.


    // I think you overestimate the amount of credibility the Seattle PD has. The looting subsided fairly early on, but the police refused to stop using teargas on the peaceful protesters, even after the Mayor declared a ban on its use. Just a couple days ago, they hit a woman in the chest with a flashbang, then attacked the medical tent treating her. She had to be carried out on a makeshift stretcher for several blocks. She managed to survive, but she lost her pulse several times.

    The police at one point used so much teargas that residents – not protesters, RESIDENTS – in surrounding apartments had to evacuate their homes.

    At another point, they declared one reason they used teargas was that explosive devices were being hurled at them. They presented a picture of one of the “explosive devices” – it was visibly a candle, even with a store label with “candle” on it visible in the photo. I don’t mean a Roman Candle, I mean an “oh no the power’s gone out better light a” candle.

    If you’re taking SPD at their word on anything, then you don’t have any clue what’s been going on here. And even if the stories you’re sharing are true – and I have no reason to believe them, as I’ve been keeping up to date and haven’t heard any of those things from anyone credible – they still represent a step UP in peacefulness from how the police have been behaving.


    1. I wonder why the worst, most brutal and cruel police forces in the world are all in the cities that Democrats have controlled for decades.

      But the commenter you cite is clearly a propagandist and not a serious person.


      1. // But the commenter you cite is clearly a propagandist and not a serious person.

        Those were 2 different commenters.

        Each time I say AND, I give a quote from a different person.


  8. People from the area tell Rod he’s wildly exaggerating and nothing much is happening:

    “As somebody who lives in Seattle, these are some LARPers who have “taken over” half a block and are basically camping in the park. In 99.9% of Seattle, you aren’t even aware they exist, and the moment Capitol Hill is actually full of people again when things open up, this will end quickly, and I say this, as somebody broadly supportive of their goals.”


    “Hi Rod. Long time reader. Know you from high school. I live in Capital Hill, about FOUR blocks north of the area being called CHAZ. I hadn’t heard the term nor was I aware of the situation until I read your post. I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse that cost over $1M two years ago. I walked to the grocery store today, walked my dog and rode my bike to Volunteer Park. Everything seems 100% normal. You’re post seems to be sensationalizing something way beyond the reality. I suggest you learn a little more about the situation before you suggest warlords are in control of a major section of a US city”

    AND the best joke:

    “It seems they are taking their version of the Benedict Option a bit too seriously.” 🙂 🙂

    AND last example of telling the police do what they feel like:

    “the official police force. They are little better than warlord armies in their own right. After the mayor and police chief banned the use of tear gas for 30 days, that didn’t deter line officers in the least from using it and other forceful tactics even on peaceful protesters. “


    1. It’s absolutely 100% true that this is in no way disturbing the owners of million-dollar houses. Why should it when the organizers of these “protests” all come from exactly that social class?

      I live 20 miles away from East St Louis, and the daily carnage there has no presence in my life either. But I’m not clueless enough to say it’s not real because I can’t see it from my 4-bedroom 4-bathroom house.


      1. // Why should it when the organizers of these “protests” all come from exactly that social class?
        I live 20 miles away from East St Louis, and the daily carnage there has no presence in my life either.

        I am getting confused here: people of your class are not the ones who go to East St Louis and create the daily carnage there, right?

        Do rich young people in Seattle go to poor(er) neighborhoods to play those games? Because if not, those would be his young neighbors organizing CHAZ near his million-dollar house.


        1. During the riots in Ferguson, absolutely, there were organizers who went there to start unrest. I met two of them personally. And that was before the rise of antifa.

          Man, I’m so old I actually met some people who organized the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999. Those were from REALLY rich and powerful families.


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