Joke’s on Me

Those of us with big Kindle and Audible collections are screwed:

HBO Max removed “Gone With the Wind” from its platform amid growing concerns about racial injustice in the wake of the killing of George Floyd (corrects typo)

Mike has been warning about this since Kindle was invented, and I’ve been thinking he’s exaggerating. Joke’s on me, it seems.

Not only should we fear the purging of our collections, the time is coming when we’ll be doxxed and dragged through the mud for what we did or didn’t purchase.

12 thoughts on “Joke’s on Me”

  1. This is why I’ll never own such a device or purchase a streaming service – I want my own copies thank you very much. If you can’t provide that then you’re of no use to me.


  2. Good thing there are certain Russian sources for ebooks. With growing censorship in the West, alternative sources for books may prove useful.


  3. HBO Max isn’t the same kind of service as a Kindle or an Audible. IOW, HBO Max is a streaming service for movies films and tv; Kindle and Audibles are not streaming services for books.

    Movies, tv shows and films go on and off streaming services all the time. (Though not to add “context.” How’s this gonna work? Random facts like pop-up video?) The contract expires and the movie often ends up on another platform.

    That said, I never got a Kindle because of 1)planned obsolescence, 2) there are books Amazon can’t sell me 3)what if Amazon disappeared, 4)there’s no way to transfer your physical copies to the device without buying copies all over again. Kindles are great for planes and for saving your back, but meh. Anything I really want to keep is a physical copy and I retain a non-cloud copy.

    When I buy books as gifts, it’s always been a physical copy. Perhaps it’s generational, but I like touching the books when I browse. I don’t feel right going to the bookstore and doing that because of covid-19. Or other people’s fear of covid-19. Same difference.


  4. I use Kindle for light reading and travel, but I get most of my e-books through the public library. I only by e-books from Amazon if they are heavily discounted. I’ve found quite a few things I wanted to read on sale for $2-3, I can afford to lose that if Amazon goes under.


  5. There are any number of books on education history that are out of print but available on line. You can often load them on a Kindle – I’ve got dozens if not hundreds. That way, I can peruse them at night in bed with the lights off, in case my wife is trying to sleep.

    As far as Amazon books, I only buy very cheap SciFi and other light reading, $5 or less. Many of these authors are clearly guilty of BadThink.

    If they purge the web in general of books a century or more old, I’m in trouble; if they judge me by the covers of books I’ve gotten through Amazon, the gulags are in my future….


  6. For the history, let us remember that Hattie McDaniel won an Oscar (best supporting actress) for that movie. Very wrong move by HBO.

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  7. Download all your books with the desktop app, remove the DRM protection with Calibre ( and save them somewhere safe.

    I refuse to buy DRMed products (except for video games, which I don’t really care about that much) for this precise reason.

    Amazon have been deleting people’s books off their Kindles since 2009 ( so Mike’s definitely not paranoid.


  8. Yeah. I have a Kindle. I hate reading from it. But I can’t read books on my desktop screen at all, and the Kindle was loads cheaper than trying to buy physical copies of all the hard-to-find, out-of-print public domain books I needed to read, and which I download from I have already got my money’s worth out of it, and I expect that one of these days Amazon will decide my older version is “not supported” anymore, and poof, it will stop working. Until then I’ll keep plugging along with it. I suppose someday I will be a heretic for liking Belloc’s essays. But if we get that far, I’m sure to have been cancelled for something else already.


  9. I was warned of this months ago by a silent film aficionado, not even for censorship reasons. Streaming services rope people in by offering a very big selection, then gradually get rid of more and more. If you want to ever watch a movie more than once or want to own it for whatever reason, you’d best buy a physical copy.


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