Costs of Earnest Allyship

A 28-year-old social democratic data scientist lost his job at @CivisAnalytics for tweeting an article by a biracial Princeton African-American studies scholar suggesting that riopting is politically counterproductive

This is horrifying.

Remember, they always come for their own first. The social-democratic data scientist is reaping what he’s sown.

You can jump around these terrible, terrible people like a trained poodle, repeating their slogans and going to their “peaceful protests.” And not in spite but because of your earnest “allyship” you will be hurt worse than anybody else.

A Naive Question

When I was a very young, naive recent immigrant, I once asked a group of leftist protesters how they managed to get so much time off work to travel to all the protests they kept talking about. The leftists were all 10-15 years older than me. For some reason, the question made them really angry. They called me a corporate robot and started avoiding me.

Revolution, Step by Step

The story of the well-meaning children of the bourgeoisie trying to help the oppressed masses always looks the same.

Step 1. Revolutionaries mistake lumpenized classes for the oppressed masses and start pandering to them.

Step 2. The lumpen class begins to loot, burn and destroy. Revolutionaries egg them on.

Step 3. The lumpen beat up the revolutionaries, move into their apartments, and pee on the floor.

Step 4. Revolutionaries start blaming each other for things not working out as planned. Purges begin.

Step 5. The lumpen pee on the floor some more and start clamoring for a strong leader.

Step 6. The strong leader comes and whups everybody’s ass. The lumpen are delighted even though the strong leader whups their asses and forbids peeing on the floor. The surviving revolutionaries are also secretly delighted because they are tired of all that excrement on the floor.

Unbearable Complexity

As somebody who teaches about Christopher Columbus, here’s what I have to say. And I’ve said it before but we have new readers.

He was an absolutely outstanding, brilliant, deeply courageous person.

He was also completely ruthless, heartless, and only out to enrich himself. Time and again, he defied the wishes of the Spanish crown and tried to enslave the natives. A shitty human being, completely immoral.

When we read Columbus’s diaries in class, students invariably ask why we should celebrate such an imperfect individual. And I always tell them that statues and holidays don’t celebrate individuals. They celebrate us and the impact the individuals’ achievements have on us.

The famous Pushkin Monument in Moscow doesn’t celebrate the poet’s disordered life or his ownership of slaves, some of whom he exploited sexually. It celebrates the emotions we feel when reading his poetry.

The famous statue of Churchill isn’t celebrating Churchill’s opinions on anything. It celebrates Great Britain’s heroic resistance and victory in WWII.

And the statues of Columbus is celebrating our existence. Well, not mine, obviously, but definitely of every sad fool who is now toppling them.

But this is all part of the Left’s religious thinking. They want saints and angels. They perceive these statues like Orthodox Christians perceive holy icons. And like a person of primitively Christian feelings who trashes an icon when it fails to deliver a miracle, they demolish an object that points to life’s unbearable complexity.

Feudal Aristocracy and Barbarians

Joseba Gabilondo, a brilliant (and I mean BRILLIANT) literary critic from the Basque Country published a book in 2019 where he explained that the globalization is bringing back two very medieval phenomena: a supercilious, feudal-type elite (constituted by the global supranational elites) and barbarians who run around trying to destroy the legacy of the Western civilization.

Cue 2020, and we are seeing exactly that. We are also seeing that the feudal aristocracy is skillfully manipulating the barbarians to ensure its power.