A Naive Question

When I was a very young, naive recent immigrant, I once asked a group of leftist protesters how they managed to get so much time off work to travel to all the protests they kept talking about. The leftists were all 10-15 years older than me. For some reason, the question made them really angry. They called me a corporate robot and started avoiding me.

7 thoughts on “A Naive Question”

  1. I know someone like this. He has some sort of part-time job that he can do on his computer from anywhere, he’s always bouncing around from place to place (the places are mostly trendy and high-cost of living – NYC, Austin, Portland, etc.), and he’s always talking about all these good deeds he’s done (mentoring homeless youth, protesting this, organizing that). I suspect he’s some sort of prostitute or has rich, indulgent parents.


  2. I’m an immigrant and my experience with some of the people who put the signs in front of their houses “Immigrants are welcomed here” are the ones that treated me like a lesser human. They think I need their saving not their kindness.


    1. Exactly. My friend from Africa says this, too. Everybody puts up cute signs, many people went to the protest, but she and her husband have no non-black friends here except for me. None. These are very sociable, charming, sweet people. They’ve lived here for years. But that’s the reality.


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