Big Business Loves the Revolution

It’s really funny (if you have no insight into anything) how the farther you go to the Left, the more big business adores you:

“I’m a revolutionary and Disney, T-Mobile and others are completely on my side!”

2 thoughts on “Big Business Loves the Revolution”

  1. So? Fox’s ad rates are still higher than anything from MSNBC. Those advertisers aren’t flocking to Democracy Now in response. I bet half of those advertisers just get shuffled around. :-p I think there’s a story on Tucker losing advertisers every six months and he’s still on the air. Tucker will never be rattling a gofundme or a patreon cup even if he loses every single advertiser and they don’t stay with Fox.


    1. I’m not fretting about Tucker going broke. I’m ridiculing the people who think it’s hugely subversive to do the bidding of T-Mobile and Disney.


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