Revolution, Step by Step

The story of the well-meaning children of the bourgeoisie trying to help the oppressed masses always looks the same.

Step 1. Revolutionaries mistake lumpenized classes for the oppressed masses and start pandering to them.

Step 2. The lumpen class begins to loot, burn and destroy. Revolutionaries egg them on.

Step 3. The lumpen beat up the revolutionaries, move into their apartments, and pee on the floor.

Step 4. Revolutionaries start blaming each other for things not working out as planned. Purges begin.

Step 5. The lumpen pee on the floor some more and start clamoring for a strong leader.

Step 6. The strong leader comes and whups everybody’s ass. The lumpen are delighted even though the strong leader whups their asses and forbids peeing on the floor. The surviving revolutionaries are also secretly delighted because they are tired of all that excrement on the floor.

4 thoughts on “Revolution, Step by Step”

  1. You might actually like Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. It is much more about the kind of process you are describing here than some kind of “welfare leads to socialism” screed. Hayek supported a basic government-sponsored social welfare net.


  2. If “revolutionaries” was changed to “financial elites”, while “lumpen classes” changed to “party politicians”, the explanation is more fun to think about. The only question is whether the current president is the one beating people up, or the one who stopped all the peeing. Hm.


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