The Best Link of the Week

Please read this. It’s a letter by a professor from Berkeley who is currently the only person at Berkeley worthy of that title.

It is extremely sad that the only person at Berkeley who has something of value to say about the current events has to do so anonymously.

Don’t Accommodate

When will people learn that trying to accommodate the craziness will not protect them? To the contrary, the very attempt to accommodate will be interpreted as a sign that one will be a willing and easy victim.

Lady Antebellum is now “Lady A” — but so is a black blues singer who’s performed music under the name for 20 years. “For them to not even reach out is pure privilege,” says the woman with the original moniker

Opinions Wanted: Book Cover

Friends, what do you think about this cover for the intersectional transnational volume? The title and the author will obviously be different. All I’m looking for now is a template and images. It’s an edited volume, so I want several images.

We have chapters on visual and performative art by non-white female artists (top left image). Two articles on candomble + one on Brazil (top right). Articles on literature in the Caribbean (bottom left). And my mega-piece on the evilness of transnationalism (bottom right is a woman with a map, symbolizing how transnational feminism completely lost its way.)

Took me two hours to come up with the whole thing and find suitable, non-copyrighted images.

What do you think?

And I know you’d like it a lot more if you’d seen the monstrosity we were originally offered.

Giving Access

One of the million things that are wrong with online learning is that it allows teachers – many of whom are extremely ideological – into your home.

In this disturbing news story, a school called the police on an 11-year-old for “bringing a gun to school.” There is no school, obviously. Classes take place online. But since the kid had a BB gun in his room during an online class, the school decided that “it’s just like” bringing a weapon to school.

People have objects they value and use in their rooms. Books, posters. Little kids have toys. Now that 90% of our culture is declared evil and people are persecuted even for things they didn’t say, it’s dangerous to give anybody access.

And if your response to this post is to mention the Zoom backgrounds that mask what’s really behind you, then you are a huge part of the problem.