Giving Access

One of the million things that are wrong with online learning is that it allows teachers – many of whom are extremely ideological – into your home.

In this disturbing news story, a school called the police on an 11-year-old for “bringing a gun to school.” There is no school, obviously. Classes take place online. But since the kid had a BB gun in his room during an online class, the school decided that “it’s just like” bringing a weapon to school.

People have objects they value and use in their rooms. Books, posters. Little kids have toys. Now that 90% of our culture is declared evil and people are persecuted even for things they didn’t say, it’s dangerous to give anybody access.

And if your response to this post is to mention the Zoom backgrounds that mask what’s really behind you, then you are a huge part of the problem.

11 thoughts on “Giving Access”

  1. I remember people complaining about the PC culture in the UK back in the 90s. It only seems to be getting more extreme with time.


  2. I would never, ever videochat with a non-family-member without putting up a sheet or something. I’ve heard too many of these weird privacy-invading stories. Sure, it’s cute when your toddler photobombs your TV interview. But way, way too many people have been accused of some kind of wacky “secret signalling” BS because of the books visible on their shelves, random objects in the background, etc. I can only see that getting worse, with increased purity policing on the one hand, and increased use of videoconferencing on the other.


  3. On a related topic, loved this post about the other side of BLM and liberal privilege. For not Russian speakers, what stood out to me was this case of IT, video games and the children playing them:

    // A friend has a son, no longer a small child, not yet an adult. He plays some computer games. The company that produces the games has released a new version, and there is some kind of presentation on this subject. The son listened. They started, of course, with the fight against racism (you can’t fly into space without thanking the party and the government … doesn’t it remind of something?). Several people gave speeches. After that, the mom asked her son what he thought. And the little boy gave a classic “the king is naked” reply. “Mom,” he said, “why are they so afraid? Afraid so much. We will defeat racism, right?” The child is still small enough, he thinks that they are afraid that we will not defeat racism. But he does feel FEAR with his skin.

    The post is here:

    еще про BLM: с другой стороны


    1. Thank you, I loved the post.

      The comments absolutely rule. “Я человек грубый и вообще из Украины.” I’ve never seen such a perfect and concise definition of who I am. And it’s not easily translatable because there are shades of meaning that get lost in translation.


  4. The last joke in woke capitalism:

    “Google on 30 May announced that it has postponed its planned unveiling of the beta version of Android 11 in light of protests and unrest in the United States. “We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate,” Google said in a message posted on its Android developers website.”

    I think Google did it for financial reasons connected with the economic corona.

    “The comments absolutely rule” – Glad you liked the post. 🙂 After seeing your reaction, I went to check out the comments myself.


  5. An interesting interpretation of how police taking a knee is connected to conflict resolution (link to Russian post below) and in general a very sane post:

    Translation for not Russian readers (a relevant excerpt):

    // Washing the feet is a symbolic Christian gesture of humility. If anyone here conducted business correspondence regarding any conflicts, or fought with neighbors, or read letters of complaints, or received instructions on how to resolve conflict situations , you may have noticed that this often fits into the following pattern:

    say how sorry we are that the victim feels so terribly;
    be sure to demonstrate humility and collect evidence that it has been demonstrated several times;
    state one’s conditions from the position “see how meek and humble I am”;
    to the indignation of the second side, show the recordings that the second cheek was presented, humility was demonstrated, all this is recorded – so now it’s completely obvious – IT’S ALL ON YOU!

    And the other side knows it.

    Therefore, they show that they are so very humble – not merely have a lawful right – presented all cheeks and etc., until the last moment gave the aggressor the chance to understand and repent.

    That’s why everyone here collects and stores evidence (videos) just in case, so that they may be presented in case of conflict …

    In other words, it is rather a gesture of passive aggression, plotting several steps ahead. And it is addressed not at all to the blacks whose feet are washed – but to everyone else who watches this and is filled with burning righteous anger.

    I am convinced nothing will boomerang back as much as this Christian humiliation – washing the feet. Unless one thinks of police humbly taking a knee.

    UPD to violently disperse the protests and beat up even more black people would turn them into martyrs … Would the sympathy be so much on the side of the police now, if they started to disperse and suppress?

    As it is, the blacks and all who started it are the aggressors; the police and all the others – martyrs whom the soul is eager to defend.

    Although the truth is in its usual place


    1. Oh, God. How absolutely disgusting. But feminists won’t speak out for her because she has sinned against gender fluidity. Yesterday, I saw a bunch of Twitter feminists mocking her for the story of domestic abuse, saying that she was exploiting the story to defend herself from accusations of bigotry. It was stunningly heartless.


      1. At this point I just don’t see why political disagreements are relevant. Even if I hated Rowling with a fiery passion I can’t imagine engaging in this kind of behavior, this total lack of empathy. The tribalism in our modern world is insane. And these same people will talk about how “the right has no empathy, that’s why I’m a liberal.”


  6. As an aside, COVID has sort of revealed to the world that there are a disproportionate number of absolute nitwits in the teaching professions. Interesting side effect.


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