Opinions Wanted: Book Cover

Friends, what do you think about this cover for the intersectional transnational volume? The title and the author will obviously be different. All I’m looking for now is a template and images. It’s an edited volume, so I want several images.

We have chapters on visual and performative art by non-white female artists (top left image). Two articles on candomble + one on Brazil (top right). Articles on literature in the Caribbean (bottom left). And my mega-piece on the evilness of transnationalism (bottom right is a woman with a map, symbolizing how transnational feminism completely lost its way.)

Took me two hours to come up with the whole thing and find suitable, non-copyrighted images.

What do you think?

And I know you’d like it a lot more if you’d seen the monstrosity we were originally offered.

14 thoughts on “Opinions Wanted: Book Cover”

  1. I liked the bottom pictures better since the top ones were more … jumping at one, less ‘calm’ because of the broken lines . The entire cover looks fine, imo.

    “And my mega-piece on the evilness of transnationalism ” – can one read it somewhere?


  2. I like the overall design, but I don’t get how the bottom left picture relates to Caribbean literature. The picture on the bottom right is great and I also like the two at the top.


  3. Maybe switch the top two images. One of the few rules I remember from page layout is to not have people looking off the page though maybe you have a good reason for her to do that.
    I don’t get the bottom left Caribbean connection either, I’m now watching the Colombian series ‘Siempre Bruja’ which is very silly but kind of fun (and it makes me want to go to Cartagena though I’m sure it’s nowhere near as picturesque or clean as the show portrays).

    Maybe something like this (if you can find something copyright free)


    1. So the little man on the stack of books doesn’t look Haitian?

      I have to observe the vertical / horizontal distribution so this has to be a vertical image.

      But if everybody hates the little fellow, I can swap him out.


      1. // But if everybody hates the little fellow, I can swap him out.

        Out of the four, this was my most favorite picture.
        The second favorite was the woman with a map.

        // Well, you’ll be able to read it in the volume.

        If you tell us when it’s out, may be. 🙂


      2. ” if everybody hates the little fellow”

        I don’t hate him, I just didn’t see a Haitian connection maybe enlarge and crop a bit to make him stand out more?

        Too bad this image is probably not available… (cropped to fit)

        or this…


        I do think switching the images (either reversing them or changing places) on both levels would work better. The upper right hand corner lady is beautiful but she’s looking off the page and potential reader’s eyes will follow her gaze to the left of the book..


        1. What if I put the upper left corner lady into the bottom right slot? It’s the same size, so it’s got to work. I agree that it’s weird to have her looking off the page. I felt it was weird but couldn’t put my finger on it.


  4. What does the upper right image has to do with the subjects (it is also the only one without a person, fwiw). And because the lower right one is a photograph and the others are illustrations it stands out.
    It’s illustration, illustration, illustration, wait, I’m in Rosetta Stone and I have to ask for directions!
    [I’m looking at it from first impressions such as do I want to pick it up? Does this communicate what’s in the book, broadly? ]

    But seriously, what happened to the cover designer?


    1. The upper right is for Brazil and it’s religious practices. A full third of our articles is on Brazil.

      Academic presses are poor, so we do a lot of the work ourselves. Later, I will be doing the indexing because there’s nobody else to do it. We have to make do with what we’ve got.


  5. No idea what the top right image is, but overall the book cover is nice. You may want to consider how it looks when shrunk down to thumbnail size on Amazon; very small features (like the person in the top left corner) tend to get lost.

    I remember from my time choosing cover for Academaze that this was brought up as important. I might go just with the image in the top left. It’s beautiful and eye catching.

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