Dating Profiles and Cats

It’s one thing to own a cat and mention it in the “Pets” section of your dating profile. But to pose with a cat for a dating site? I’m sorry, that’s definite weirdo category.

How Propaganda Fails

A steady stream of inescapable propaganda about worker exploitation, the evils of the bourgeoisie, and an oppressive nature of the class system in the USSR created a generation of post-Soviet people who are

  1. extraordinarily materialistic
  2. fiercely libertarian / free marketeer
  3. passionately classist.

Propaganda tends to bring to life the exact opposite of what it seeks. It only works for one generation, and then creates deeply cynical people in the next 3-4 generations.


The results show that college-educated African immigrants have experienced some earnings convergence with natives between 2005 and 2015. Surprisingly, the assimilation analysis of non-college graduate African immigrants shows that they have achieved an earnings advantage over native non-college graduates.

Yes, so surprising. To the idiots who bought into the “white supremacy” and “structural racism” silliness.

Incidentally, I’m at this moment babysitting (not for money, obviously) for a friend who’s an immigrant from Africa and who never finished high school. She’s at work.

IQ Observations

The interesting thing about IQ is that it doesn’t change. I took an IQ test 20+ years ago, and my result was 121. In these 20 years, I learned a completely new language to the point of native-like fluency, read almost 2,000 books, published 30+ scholarly articles and two books, and got 5 degrees. Obviously, my knowledge expanded vastly. But the IQ remained identical.

Meat Talk

“My friend Emilia isn’t American,” Klara explains. “She’s vegan.”

Speaking of which, I was buying beef tongue at the local butcher’s today, and the butcher tried to explain how to cook it.

I grew up in the USSR, so we have a million recipes for cooking offal. It’s steak that I found puzzling for years.

The beef tongue is going to go into a salad.

IQ Tests

On a regular IQ test, I’m a respectable 122. On a verbal IQ test, I’m an expected 138 (and that’s not in my own language).

But on memory IQ I’m retardation-level 79.

I feel strangely validated by this result because nobody believes me when I say I have a terrible memory.

The IQ test shows that I’m exceptionally gifted in terms of analytical thinking but average on abstract reasoning.