Dating Profiles and Cats

It’s one thing to own a cat and mention it in the “Pets” section of your dating profile. But to pose with a cat for a dating site? I’m sorry, that’s definite weirdo category.

5 thoughts on “Dating Profiles and Cats”

  1. “that’s definite weirdo category.”

    Especially when the cat looks more dignified than the weirdos holding it.


  2. I’m more disturbed by the fact that someone wrote an academic article on the topic. Was it peer-reviewed ?


  3. Lots of people have pets (possibly more than half of US households, if I were to pull up statistics). Taking care of a cat or a dog is a sign that a man would be a good father – he is responsible and capable of loving someone outside of himself. Psychologically, a man having a cat instead of a dog shows that he is secure and doesn’t need the constant adoration the dog provides.

    I love animals and have always had pets. To me, someone not having warm feelings towards animals is a worrying sign.


    1. Strangely, men who have cats don’t tend to have children living with them. :-))

      Comparing taking care of a pet to taking care of a child is a whole other issue.


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