How Propaganda Fails

A steady stream of inescapable propaganda about worker exploitation, the evils of the bourgeoisie, and an oppressive nature of the class system in the USSR created a generation of post-Soviet people who are

  1. extraordinarily materialistic
  2. fiercely libertarian / free marketeer
  3. passionately classist.

Propaganda tends to bring to life the exact opposite of what it seeks. It only works for one generation, and then creates deeply cynical people in the next 3-4 generations.

4 thoughts on “How Propaganda Fails”

  1. “Propaganda tends to bring to life the exact opposite of what it seeks”

    And still the stupid fuckers never learn. Social change is a slow, gradual process that can be nudged very gently, but trying to speed it up too much never works and usually results in regression (Russian history seems like a very good example of this as time and time again they try to go for quick fixes that end up as unmitigated disasters).


      1. Oh believe me, I know it. The people most loyally chanting woke slogans now will totally change their tune when the tide goes the other way. Meanwhile, some people who are currently “cancelled” (ex. Jesse Singal) I am very confident will still be on the side of LGBT people through thick and thin.

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