IQ Observations

The interesting thing about IQ is that it doesn’t change. I took an IQ test 20+ years ago, and my result was 121. In these 20 years, I learned a completely new language to the point of native-like fluency, read almost 2,000 books, published 30+ scholarly articles and two books, and got 5 degrees. Obviously, my knowledge expanded vastly. But the IQ remained identical.

One thought on “IQ Observations”

  1. Feynman famously got a 120 the first time he took the test. He says he did better later in life (I imagine much better, as he was one of the 20th centuries great geniuses.) I think the tests are figure-out-able; if so, Feynman is exactly the guy to figure them out.

    What you didn’t do is study to take IQ tests. The claim is it’s not possible; all I know is the only hard part for me in the ones I’ve taken has been the latter parts of the pattern recognition sections – and that seems to me perfectly studiable.


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