Meat Talk

“My friend Emilia isn’t American,” Klara explains. “She’s vegan.”

Speaking of which, I was buying beef tongue at the local butcher’s today, and the butcher tried to explain how to cook it.

I grew up in the USSR, so we have a million recipes for cooking offal. It’s steak that I found puzzling for years.

The beef tongue is going to go into a salad.

2 thoughts on “Meat Talk”

  1. Your daughter’s remark had me laughing! I may have to steal it at some point.

    When I was growing up, our dinner table contained some form of offal more often than the “normal American” animal foods. Liver (chicken and cow) and brains (until mad cow came on the scene) were the most prominent, but tongue was my absolute favorite. Now that I’m grown and married, I normally split a whole cow every year with my sister, purchased a local farmer who raises grass-finished cows. The farmer gives me 8-10 tongues every year, because none of his customers want them. They don’t know what they’re missing!


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