You know how people who practice coitus interruptus for a while can develop a dysfunction? I’m like that for intellectual work. After 3 months of being interrupted 3 minutes into starting any work-related task, I have lost the capacity to think deeply. I do a multitude of tasks that require no concentration or deep thinking. But that’s it.

It’s very disturbing.

5 thoughts on “Interruptus”

  1. I think that the brain is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised to stay in shape. One of the problems I see with having people on welfare rather than working is that it can make them unable to work.


    1. What a jerk you are, PaulS, get your hat on and get over here and I’ll put you into my yard right now, whatever you’re doing for work you are not earning your keep, you owe more work.

      But anyway yes, this is why musicians practice every day, and so on. Intellectual and creative activity really have to be sustained even if during a particular workday you don’t visibly advance.


      1. Thank you for that. I try my best. But I think your suggestion might work better as a solution for the obesity crisis.


      2. “What a jerk you are, PaulS”

        Why is he a jerk? Welfare dependence is a thing and it has devastating effects on people and communities… A safety net to help people temporarily makes a lot of sense and is to be encouraged (and is a wonder of civilization) but it can easily turn into a trap and make people unemployable as they lose basic life skills.


        1. Thank you. That was the point I was trying to make. Clarissa has just discovered some part of how it can occur.


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