#1 Sign You Are Living with a Russian…

… is that after every YouTube video he watches he says, “You know, after seeing how much this YouTuber enjoys [whatever the YouTuber’s specialty is], I realized that something must be deeply wrong with me if I have no interest for [whatever it is the YouTuber is YouTubing about.]” Then a long discussion ensues of how his life could have gone so completely off the rails that he’s incapable of being like the blasted YouTuber.

Everything is an existential dilemma with the Russians. People who don’t believe in cultural differences should observe me and my husband. We are a pair of walking stereotypes.

4 thoughts on “#1 Sign You Are Living with a Russian…

  1. “We are a pair of walking stereotypes.”

    You mentioned the old saying “Russians sleep and Ukrainians eat” before and talked about north south differences and Russian reserve and Ukrainian exuberance before, where do Belarusians fit in? I’ve known a couple but haven’t really gotten a handle on them… (beyond the idea that they’re less committed to “their” language than Ukrainians are).


    1. I’ve only known a single Belarusian family in my whole life, so I can’t say anything.

      The ones I find hard to get along with are Moldovans. It’s a very different culture.


  2. ” hard to get along with are Moldovans”

    Moldovans who mostly speak Russian or Moldovans who mostly speak Romanian? I love Romania but have never been to Moldova… (and the videos I’ve seen aren’t… encouraging).


    1. The Russian speaking ones. I love Romanians. Wonderful, fascinating people. But Soviet Moldovans, oh, Lordy.

      But then again, they think people like me are total squares, humorless and boring.


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