So the new hoax is that the ramp at West Point wasn’t slippery. (I could provide a link but I hate giving CNN any hits). This is the definition of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Besides, calling attention to the issue of which candidate is more frail doesn’t seem to be extremely smart at this point.

11 thoughts on “Bottom-feeding”

      1. Saying that employers aren’t allowed to fire people because they’re gay or transgender seems pretty anti-corporate, though. I am also surprised.


        1. Really? Have you missed the corporate boycotts to every state that tried to introduce some form of RFRA or keep “biological men” out of women’s toilets and locker rooms? Have you missed the extraordinary support of the Big Business for “trans rights”?

          It’s not 1951. Gender fluidity sells more crap, so it’s a huge favorite with Big Business.


        2. Have people not noticed what happened to Chick-fil-A? Or the loud firings of the CEOs who donated to some cause that didn’t loudly support gay marriage?

          I am, have always been, and will always be pro-gay rights. But in today’s corporate world this stance is as subversive as the importance of communion is in a Catholic monastery. It doesn’t detract any value from the idea itself. But let’s not pretend it’s somehow not in keeping with Gorsuch’s lifelong worship at the altar of the Chamber of Commerce.


          1. OK, I see your point.

            I think Big Business benefits from having a foil, and with this ruling, taking a stance against discriminating against gay or transgender people isn’t as big a deal anymore – it’s just following the law.

            Luckily for conservatives, Big Business hasn’t been very vocal about the importance of safe and legal abortions.


            1. Again, let’s not forget the extraordinary amount of howling that greeted the utterly unimportant and completely symbolic abortion laws in several US states recently.

              The abortion wars have been squarely won by abortion. It’s done, it’s over.


              1. They are completely symbolic for people of our social class. If US outlawed abortion altogether and I needed one, I could just fly to Canada or even Europe to get it done.

                All the recent restrictions around abortion are making it more difficult to obtain for women whose unwanted children, were the mothers forced to give birth to them, would be a much greater burden to the state than yours or mine would, and have worse lives.


              2. I’m guessing you are far removed from the realities of abortion today. 🙂 So am I but I do know that it takes two tiny pills and requires no flying. The population that easily finds a way to get enough heroin and fentanyl to get a mass addiction going will even more easily figure out this insignificant problem.


  1. This long post by a former cop may put most your readers off by SJW overload in its first paragraphs, but it does describe policemen’s training from the inside and includes quite a few interesting points.

    A few examples:

    CAPITALISM AND POLICE = ZERO TOLERANCE FOR … homeless can collectors?

    // One night during briefing, our watch commander told us that the city council had requested a new zero tolerance policy. Against murderers, drug dealers, or child predators?
    No, against homeless people collecting cans from recycling bins.
    See, the city had some kickback deal with the waste management company where waste management got paid by the government for our expected tonnage of recycling. When homeless people “stole” that recycling from the waste management company, they were putting that cheaper contract in peril. So, we were to arrest as many recyclers as we could find.
    Even for me, this was a stupid policy and I promptly blew Sarge off. But a few hours later, Sarge called me over to assist him. He was detaining a 70 year old immigrant who spoke no English, who he’d seen picking a coke can out of a trash bin. He ordered me to arrest her for stealing trash. I said, “Sarge, c’mon, she’s an old lady.” He said, “I don’t give a shit. Hook her up, that’s an order.” And… I did. She cried the entire way to the station and all through the booking process. I couldn’t even comfort her because I didn’t speak Spanish. I felt disgusting but I was ordered to make this arrest and I wasn’t willing to lose my job for her.


    let me tell you what probably won’t solve the problem of bastard cops:

    Increased “bias” training. […]

    Tougher laws. I hope you understand by now, cops do not follow the law and will not hold each other accountable to the law. Tougher laws are all the more reason to circle the wagons and protect your brothers and sisters.

    More community policing programs. Yes, there is a marginal effect when a few cops get to know members of the community, but look at the protests of 2020: many of the cops pepper-spraying journalists were probably the nice school cop a month ago.

    I recommend exploring the following ideas:

    No more qualified immunity. Police officers should be personally liable for all decisions they make in the line of duty.

    No more civil asset forfeiture. Did you know that every year, citizens like you lose more cash and property to unaccountable civil asset forfeiture than to all burglaries combined? The police can steal your stuff without charging you with a crime and it makes some police departments very rich.

    Require malpractice insurance. Doctors must pay for insurance in case they botch a surgery, police officers should do the same for botching a police raid or other use of force. If human decency won’t motivate police to respect human life, perhaps hitting their wallet might.

    View at


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