No Censorship

People, I’m not censoring you for disagreement. If your comment isn’t appearing, it’s because you put your email in the Name box and I’m protecting you from getting spammed by not publishing your comment.

I can only edit the name of the commenter and remove the email address at a stationary computer. And I’m not around one.

I’m simply trying to be nice. There’s no censorship here. Either repost the comment or wait until I get home.

However, I also have to warn you that if you try to dox me by mentioning my real name, address or place of work in the comment, the system is set to trash your comments. I never even see them.

5 thoughts on “No Censorship”

  1. Who in the world is emailing you to complain about your comment system?
    As for the other stuff, who is this stupid?


  2. I do not suspect you of censorship. But the behavior of this platform has changed recently. Now it takes several minutes between me posting comments and them actually appearing. Maybe it is a purely technical issue. Or maybe you are on WorldPress black list of conservative bloggers already and someone else is monitoring those comments…


      1. I occasionally have a comment disappear into “moderation” for a while, for no apparent reason. I suspect WP is having some technical difficulties this week. When I go to look at my notices the last couple of days, they will not load at all. The page times out.


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