A devastating monologue on Tucker tonight. Please watch.

But there was comic relief, too. Here are some new names for the Republic of CHAZ:

I vote for Wokadishu, even though that would make more sense in Minneapolis.

9 thoughts on “Wokadishu”

        1. All of the discussions about how he’s an authoritarian – which were clearly ludicrous. The guy has a million faults but he’s the opposite of an authoritarian. And now it’s obvious that these were projections. The real authoritarians are here, and they are planning to stay.


          1. Trump did say he was going to shake things up. Getting everyone to show their true colors is progress I guess.


      1. Ouch! Where I live, CHOP is known as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As far as names go, “Wokanda” is my favorite.


        1. Oh. Then it’s not Freudian. It has already conquered the consciousness and destroyed any civilizing barriers.

          More proof to what we discussed in our debate on civilization.


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