I Was at a Rally, Too

I went to my favorite clothing store today and when I entered there was a spontaneous political mini-rally going on. Two store assistants, a black public school teacher, a small business owner, a nurse, and two other people were expressing their deep disgust with COVID lies, the inflation of COVID numbers that two of them witnessed in person, the financial distress of empty hospitals, the damage to kids’ schooling, and the political manipulation of the COVID scare.

The popular consensus is that Governor Pritzker needs to be voted out ASAP.

11 thoughts on “I Was at a Rally, Too”

  1. Today in the morning I read Rod’s post lamenting the ruling of the Supreme Court on Monday “that a landmark civil rights law protects gay and transgender workers from workplace discrimination” since it’ll lead to men in female bathrooms and sports along with other horrible things. The post didn’t sit well with me then, and sounds even less … nice now after evening Israeli news reported on the suicide of Egyptian gay women Sarah Hegazi in Canada. What do you think?

    The description of the case is here:

    \ Arrested for Waving Rainbow Flag, a Gay Egyptian Takes Her Life
    Charged with “inciting debauchery,” Sarah Hegazi was jailed and tortured.

    Although homosexuality is not technically illegal in Egypt, gay people are subjected to deep-rooted societal prejudices and are frequently prosecuted by the police under laws that criminalize “debauchery.” Undercover police investigators use aliases to roam popular dating apps to entrap and arrest gay men. Others are arrested from cafes or the streets on the basis of their appearance.

    Concerts are also a focus of law enforcement.

    Three months later, after discreet pressure from Western and South American diplomats, Ms. Hegazi was granted bail. She plunged into depression.

    She was fired from her job as a software developer and was rejected by some family members. Months later, fearing she might be detained again, she fled to Canada, where she was granted political asylum. Mr. Alaa, the law student, joined here there.

    In Canada, Ms. Hegazi found safety but limited relief.

    She was devastated by the death of her mother, who died from cancer soon after her daughter reached Canada, and Ms. Hegazi felt helpless to be unable to return to Egypt to be with her siblings.

    Haunted by her ordeal in Egypt, she said she suffered anxiety and panic attacks. She began to stutter. “I try to avoid talking about prison,” she wrote. “I lose the ability to leave my room.”

    Twice before, she had attempted suicide.

    Since her death on Saturday, some reaction has suggested that not much has changed in Egypt since she left two years ago. “This is what atheism does to a person,” read one comment on the website of the Youm7 newspaper. “You become selfish, you commit homosexuality and adultery, and then kill yourself. Chaos in the name of freedom.”


    1. Forgot to mention that NYT article describes the views on Sarah Hegazi ‘s case as divided, but Israeli TV reported the English commenters were divided, while those writing in Arabic were strongly unified against the poor woman.


      1. Here’s the problem with the SCOTUS decision.

        Of course, there shouldn’t be workplace discrimination against gay and trans people. Of course.

        But this should be addressed legislatively. It wasn’t addressed legislatively because we have legislators who refuse to legislate.

        Instead, it was taken to the Supreme Court. The function of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution. The Supreme Court keeps finding completely unintended things in the text of the Constitution which leads to all sorts of insanity. The Court has become a power that stands not next to but far above other branches of power. Whoever controls the Supreme Court doesn’t need to win elections or even try appealing to voters.

        This is the problem. Not the gay people and their rights. Yay for gay rights. I’m completely, totally in favor.

        It’s the unlimited expansion of the Court’s power that bugs me.


      2. // Things are definitely horrible for gay people in Egypt. But I don’t see the connection to the US case.

        The connection is that if gay people are truly accepted in society, they will be protected from workplace discrimination too, which Rod laments.


        1. This is the false choice we are always given.

          Dispute my COVID projections and kill grandma.

          Like a tweet by JKRowling and murder trans people.

          Disagree with the expansion of the judiciary’s power and kill gay Egyptians.

          Don’t loudly support BLM and murder black people.

          Speech is violence. Silence is violence. Violence isn’t violence if I’m the one doing it. Everything that I dislike is violence. Everything I like is not violence. Disagree? MURDERER! NAZI! You are like literally killing everybody!!!


          1. “We were told that we’re supposed to shut up while the party establishment focuses more on cutting taxes and handing out favors for corporations, multinational corporations who don’t share our values, who will not stand up for American principles, who were only too happy to ship American jobs overseas. But we’re supposed to say nothing about that. We’re supposed to keep our mouths shut because maybe we’ll get a judge out of the deal. That was the implicit bargain.

            We’re supposed to keep our mouths shut while the party establishment opens borders, while the party establishment pursues ruinous trade policies.

            We’re supposed to keep our mouths shut while those at the upper end of the income bracket get all of the attention. While working families and college students and those who don’t want to go to college but can’t get a good job, while they get what? What attention?

            Workers? Children? What about parents looking for help with the cost of raising children? Looking for help with the culture in which they have to raise children? Looking for help with the communities, rebuilding the communities in which they must carry out their family life?

            What about college students trying to find an education that isn’t ruinously expensive and then figure out some way to pay back that enormous debt? What about those who don’t have a college degree and don’t want one, but would like to get a good job? What about them?

            No, we’re supposed to stay quiet about all of that, and more, because there may be pro-Constitution, religious liberty judges. Except for that there aren’t. Except for that these judges don’t follow the Constitution. Except for these judges invoke “textualism” and “originalism” in order to reach their preferred outcome.”

            This is extremely powerful.


  2. Have you seen this post about Главный Храм Вооруженных Сил Российской Федерации?


    My favorite part (from another source):

    // На дверях главного военного храма РФ замечена оккультная свастика, которую используют оккультисты.

    Об этом сообщает информационный ресурс «Духовный фронт Украины».

    «Интересно, что на дверях явно неправославного Храма Вооруженных Сил две наложенные друг на друга свастики. Фото с сайта патриархии этой самой неправославной религии», — написал Илья Бей.



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