Twenty Years Ago

17 thoughts on “Twenty Years Ago”

  1. I believe there is somewhere in my archive a picture of us with Josefina Ludmer. Pre-social-media stuff.

    I am not a nostalgic person, but I think that the current situation makes me revisiting old pictures. Strange…


      1. I an going to my office this Friday and will try to find it, after crossing the many security checkpoints.

        1) call the dean’s assistant 24hrs before going to office
        2) set up an appointment with her, a security guard will then wait for me in front of the building the day after
        3) I have 15 minutes max in my office

        With a bit of luck they will not take my temperature.


        1. “after crossing the many security checkpoints”

          Wow…. that’s nuts. Where are you?

          I just go in…. (today I heard a few random people around but no one I know well enough to stop and chat with).


          1. In May, a colleague of mine – who is, incidentally, not white – had to be escorted in and out of his office on campus by police. The poor fellow needed to pick up a textbook. He got so flustered and confused (not only by the humiliation of having police accompany him but also by a mask that’s very uncomfortable for an asthmatic like him) that he grabbed the wrong textbook.

            The colleague didn’t make a racially motivated stink about it but I wouldn’t blame him if he did.


            1. To clarify, I’m not saying this happened to him because he’s not white. This was a universal policy.

              I have a colleague who experienced being a dissident in a dictatorship. To her, being escorted by police wasn’t a fantastic experience. For all the talk about multiculturalism and sensitivity, nobody thinks how this might affect people from other countries.

              And what was it that police escorts were supposed to prevent? Professors licking doorknobs to spread the virus?


            2. I am going there to pick up books, notes, and textbooks for the next academic year. And water my cactii if time allows. Needless to say I will make the same mistake then your colleague, and probably leave the office with a bunch of old exams.

              95% of my books are in that office.


              1. This is why I didn’t go back to the office even though I needed stuff until it reopened last week. The procedure was too complicated and the humiliation too unwarranted. Simply wasn’t worth it.

                But what’s really cute, colleagues at expensive schools on campus likf like business and engineering didn’t have to submit to this procedure. Their buildings are new and can be accessed by using a campus ID card. So they were in and out of their offices daily and nobody bothered them.


  2. Years ago, Mom mailed me an envelope with a selection of photos from my childhood and college. I was sure it was in a box in my office, but a couple of weeks ago I looked for it and it was nowhere to be found! I was distraught for days. Anyway, I now have zero pics from my youth, and it makes me sad.

    I’m glad you do have some pieces of your history with you. You look so happy, as do your friends. ❤


  3. Somehow I’m convinced I’ve seen this photo before. Was it included with the post about work party where the girls got up to clean up and the boys stayed seated and talked business? It was the first post I’ve read on your blog. Which of the blondes are you?


    1. Since my memory is retardation level, it’s extremely possible that I published it before and then completely erased it from my memory.

      I’m the ravishing creature in the middle, of course. 🙂


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