They Are Mocking Us

This is about a guy who had arrests and convictions for child abuse and wife-beating:

It reads like an elaborate joke.

Job Wars Become Very Real

When manufacturing jobs were outsourced and the workers found themselves unwanted, they took it like the working classes always do, by directing the rage inwards. They drank and drugged themselves to death, destroyed their families and their communities, and interiorized their shame.

Then, as I’ve been saying for years, the same thing started to happen in educated professions. First, journalism and academia. Then techie professions. Then everybody else in the educated creative class.

But as usually happens, the bourgeoisie feels a lot more comfortable in the world, and its reaction was to exteriorize the anger. The educated classes didn’t blame themselves. They blamed the workers for being too racist and too evil and somehow magically causing all this. They blamed “society.” They started trashing somebody else’s neighborhoods and destroying other people’s lives.

The white-collar job wars that I have been talking about for a decade have turned into real wars. There’s not only symbolic violence but a very real one.

It’s ultimately going to be as useless and as self-defeating as the working class’s opioid epidemic. But it’s a reaction to the same phenomenon.

New Victorianism

People who keep saying that college degrees in the Humanities are useless are so confused. These degrees are now going to be about teaching you how to talk, act, and present yourself to the world in a woke way.

This will separate the proles from the non-proles a lot more than before. Like in Victorian England you sent your daughter to a boarding school to learn how to behave as a lady, you will now send kids to college to learn how the complicated and ever-evolving rituals of “anti-racism.”

The rituals of politeness in Victorian England were about making sure that class divides couldn’t be bridged. You’d know a lady or a gentleman from someone who wasn’t in a second. Today we are seeing a similar thing. Only the people who are willing to pay a lot of money to learn to behave as an upper-class person will be allowed to enter a shrinking job market. The rest won’t even be allowed to try.

Assimilate Into What?

The argument that “there were always immigrants in this country and they all assimilated perfectly well” really gets my goat.

“Always” is actually while the nation-state was strong and offered appealing narratives to integrate oneself into.

“We are a land of freedom where anybody can achieve anything through hard work” is an appealing narrative.

“We are racist bastards who are the worst evildoers in history and we hate ourselves and our past” is not an appealing narrative.

The economic system in the US is still very attractive but the American identity is not. So don’t tell me people will integrate. You have dismantled your history, erased your past, and are wailing about how horrible you are. There’s nothing to integrate into.

A Victory for Racial Justice

JUST IN: Quaker Oats is removing the name and image of Aunt Jemima from the brand in effort “to make progress toward racial equality.”

What do you call a person who can’t stand to look at a black face even on a bottle of pancake syrup?

Kid Talk

“I don’t particularly appreciate this kind of weather, mommy,” Klara announces as we come outside into the sweltering heat.


“It’s good that we have two adults in the house,” Klara says, “because this way when one is exhausted, there’s always another to play with me.”