They Are Mocking Us

This is about a guy who had arrests and convictions for child abuse and wife-beating:

It reads like an elaborate joke.

4 thoughts on “They Are Mocking Us”

    1. Ted Bundy and Charles Manson had groupies. There have always been women who are attracted to violent men.


  1. “They are mocking us.”

    No, they aren’t. They’re just scared out of their skulls about not genuflecting enough to the “Black Lives Matter” mantra.

    Over the past week or so, we’ve all read a thousand apologies from famous progressives and corporations who’ve lauded the BLM movement, but stupidly committed the cardinal sin of being insufficiently effusive in their adulation.

    When you and I talked about how pet house cats slaughter songbirds a day or so ago, I would have said, “BIRD LIVES MATTER,” but I didn’t think of it then.


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