The Craziest Story of the Last 15 Minutes

An absolutely insane story about a white mayor persecuting a black resident for using his workout equipment in a way that the rich white mayor finds to be racially insensitive.

I have no explanation other than this is something that is surfacing from the depths of the mayor’s unconscious.

A Complete Coincidence

Here’s another curious coincidence. A few months ago, African American voters utterly humiliated the left wing of the Democratic Party. They destroyed every single presidential candidate that was pleasing to the left.

“Cities will burn!” one such leftist activist warned back in winter.

Then, black neighborhoods really did burn. The riots were instigated, organized and meticulously orchestrated by… that very same leftist fringe whom the black voters had very recently deprived of a chance to put their candidate in the White House.

As I said, a complete coincidence.

Intersectionality Meets BLM

George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks committed violent crimes against women and children. This is being completely erased from the public consciousness.

I don’t think that these crimes make it ok for police to kill them. Or for anybody to hurt them in any way. But we have spent several years parsing every uncomfortable date of every pouty socialite, resentful grad student, and unsuccessful starlet under the guise of #MeToo. Why are the female victims of Floyd and Brooks less deserving of being noticed? Because they are black? Because they are not upper-middle-class?

BLM is a gigantic hypocrisy. It wouldn’t hurt the cause to say “Floyd and Brooks were vastly imperfect yet they didn’t deserve to be killed by police.” It would be a lie in Brooks’s case but the argument itself would be quite noble.

But no, nobody wants to notice that these were violent men who made women’s lives hell. Floyd and Brooks are being treated as heroes when the only heroic thing they did was give well-to-do white people a reason to preen and posture on social media.

As Eliseo Alberto, an exiled Cuban writer, used to say, a lot of damage is done to the world by aging US intellectuals who want to imagine themselves as revolutionaries.

Read of the Day

Couldn’t have said it any better:

There is no revolution in these United States by the poor and the excluded against the rich and the powerful. Instead, there is a civil war among certain members of the broad affluent class against the adjacent affluent cohorts. There is no hatred in this world quite like the hatred of a $100,000-a-year man for a $200,000-a-year man, except maybe the hatred of a $200,000-a-year man for a $200,002-a-year man.

The class war in our country is business class vs. first class.

And guess what? This is not even the best part of the article.

Spot a Jew

In the meantime, people in NYC are playing a game called “spot a Jew and inform the authorities.”

Of course, this poor kid is a much much greater danger than a gigantic crowd that gathered in the same city a couple of days ago. Call the sheriff! Dirty Jews are spreading disease everywhere! While the protesting throngs are protected from disease by their luminous holiness.