Class War

BLMers get a truck driver fired. He’s the class enemy, so why not?

It’s truly the revolution of the fussy rich.

6 thoughts on “Class War”

  1. This incident is beyond ridiculous. If you look at the video, the guy isn’t making any recognizable hand sign at all — just stretching his fingers.

    In a just world, the ever-righteous ACLU would take up this poor driver’s case pro bono and sue the truck company for a million bucks.


  2. Semi OT: How much do the ‘job wars’ that you describe coincide with (or differ from) ideas like ‘elite overproduction’ put forth by people like Peter Turchin…. That could be an interesting topic of a post (hint, hint).


    1. There is also the question of what happens to upper-middle-class kids who flunk out of physics 101 or organic chemistry. How many engineering majors would have time to attend a protest? How do you think the kids of people who want to abolish the SAT did on the SAT?


      1. // How do you think the kids of people who want to abolish the SAT did on the SAT?

        If somebody fails physics 101 in university, how would abolishing the SAT help them? Looks like accepting without the SAT would lead to a huge increase in people dropping out of (their chosen programs in) college, wasting time and money. Having one’s child change majors several times may be financially hard for even middle class families.


        1. If certain schools serve as gateways to elite jobs (regardless of major) then there will be pressure to nominate who gets to be accepted into those schools.


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