Whose Democracy?

If this is OK with you because Trump is not a candidate you support and this is never going to happen to a candidate you like, then you are a very stupid person. Sorry, but you really are.

2 thoughts on “Whose Democracy?”

  1. “then you are a very stupid person”

    People that get behind ideas like this always end up suffering from it and never see it coming.

    I’d feel sorry for the stupid fvkkers but I feel sorrier for their victims so to hell with them.


  2. dunno, nice to see someone finally standing up for Antifa – I mean will the Trumpian outrages never stop???

    cue here a rousing chorus of the very Antifa-appropriate Roter Wedding just to let them know we really care; after all, as the song says, “keep your fists ready… the fascists stand menacing there on the horizon”



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