Weird Memory

I really have the weirdest memory. There’s a book I remember was very pleasurable. I read it for fun not work so I have no idea what the title is or what the author is called. Or what happens in the book. Which is why I want to reread it.

But how to find it among my crazy number of Kindle purchases and free downloads?

Well, there is one thing I remember. I read it in mid-March of 2018. Why my memory retains that and absolutely nothing else is inexplicable. “March 2018 = a fun reading experience” is wfatvny brain recorded.

The novel is a mystery, and I will now re-read it feeling as surprised at “whodunit” as the first time around.


I’m definitely in favor of making Juneteenth a federal holiday. More holidays is better than fewer holidays. Plus, it’s very important to many people. It’s kind of bizarre that the first black president didn’t bother but it’s never too late.

I find the people on Twitter who say they are in their fifties and they never heard it mentioned to be weird. Immigrants, fine. But native-born people?


I always resisted the narrative that Boomers were particularly selfish and didn’t care about the younger generations.

My tolerance of Boomers is being sorely tested in the aftermath of COVID because I’m seeing how cavalierly Boomers are making everyone’s life miserable because of an illness that’s threatening to them and almost nobody else.

Objectively Good Indoctrination

Some simp on Twitter is arguing that indoctrination is fine if you are being indoctrinated into “something that’s objectively good.”

The poor ignoramus is unaware that every totalitarian regime always positions its belief system as “objectively good.” The most evil regimes in history never said, “here are our evil beliefs. We want to make bad things happen, so do what we say.” They always claim they are a force for the greatest good that ever existed.

Why I Hate YouTube

The reason I hate YouTube videos and podcasts is that I think a lot faster than most people talk. It’s torture to watch them struggling to get a simple thought out in painfully roundabout and wordy ways.

In order to deliver a powerful monologue that won’t be deathly boring, you need to have five professional writers help you write and polish it, and then you need to have years of professional experience on how to deliver it without mumbling and bleating. On top of that, you need a natural charisma, a pleasing appearance, a clear pronunciation, and a strong, magnetic personality.

Most people (including me) don’t have any of these qualities. But they might have interesting and useful ideas. And if they wrote those ideas down instead of trying to get them out verbally, I could skim them in 3 seconds and decide if they are useful.

This is why I don’t have a YouTube channel and don’t subscribe to any.

The Racist Toddler Ad

Twitter is going off its nut trying to inform users that the video of CNN reporting on “a racist toddler” in the mega-popular pro-Trump ad is not genuine.

The intensity of denials proves the video is right. If you need to explain that the video isn’t real, that’s only because people can very easily assume it is. Because CNN (and everybody else) constantly does exactly this kind of ridiculous reporting all the time.

The racist toddler ad is really good. And the black Uber driver ad is very much in the tradition of European social ads.

There’s a lot of talent out there.