I always resisted the narrative that Boomers were particularly selfish and didn’t care about the younger generations.

My tolerance of Boomers is being sorely tested in the aftermath of COVID because I’m seeing how cavalierly Boomers are making everyone’s life miserable because of an illness that’s threatening to them and almost nobody else.

7 thoughts on “Anti-Boomer”

  1. Huge generalization time:

    Boomers and early to mid GenXers are fully on board with the neoliberal project while benefiting from state subsidized welfare from cradle to grave. And then people wonder why late GenXers onward are like “abolish this government service and abolish that one” because who cares about abolishing shit if you never get to benefit from it in the first place?

    For example, how do you get people to care about academic freedom and tenure when most professors are adjuncts and will stay that way? Never mind the majority of the public who are at-will employees or gig or contract workers.


      1. Ah, there’s the rub. 🙂

        It’s interesting to see what groups people see themselves as adjacent to or as someone who could possibly be part of the groups.

        Maybe it’s more likely in their minds they could be gay or gay adjacent than retire with a pension.


    1. Adjunctification is something I read about but don’t really see in my daily work. It’s probably field dependent. I am in STEM and we have teaching staff (they’re called faculty associates) who have renewable 12-month contracts, good salaries and benefits (my husband has that position). A number of research universities have these teaching-specialized positions and they are excellent options for PhD holders who don’t want to raise grants. Our adjuncts are people employed in industry who occasionally teach a special topics class, generally online and for a small specialized audience, or researchers from national labs who want to supervise graduate students.
      (I don’t know what our humanities departments do, but I would assume they have the same job structure.)


      1. To be honest, I’ve never seen it in person either. We have language instructors but they are either retired faculty who want to get out of the house and make some money on the side or people who never wanted to be professors. We have one who owns a successful academy but she comes in to teach one course for fun. We have one who’s a full-time high school teacher. One is a homeschooling mom to a bunch of kids. Everybody is unionized. My conscience as the new Chair is completely clear because nobody is getting exploited at this department.


        1. My MIL, a nurse, used to be a community college adjunct. She was retired from nursing and enjoyed teaching a few classes as a less-demanding income supplement. Her last couple of years, the admin kept cutting a class here and a class there until it wasn’t worth the cost of gas to commute to campus. She quit and now has a much more congenial job training nurses outside an academic setting.


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