The Racist Toddler Ad

Twitter is going off its nut trying to inform users that the video of CNN reporting on “a racist toddler” in the mega-popular pro-Trump ad is not genuine.

The intensity of denials proves the video is right. If you need to explain that the video isn’t real, that’s only because people can very easily assume it is. Because CNN (and everybody else) constantly does exactly this kind of ridiculous reporting all the time.

The racist toddler ad is really good. And the black Uber driver ad is very much in the tradition of European social ads.

There’s a lot of talent out there.

12 thoughts on “The Racist Toddler Ad”

    1. They are in the president’s Twitter feed. Fans made them and he tweeted them.

      One thing nobody can deny is the guy has got a huge faithful following.


  1. The driver ad is truly great. So great. Again. 🙂

    However, I didn’t get the children were playing in the toddler one and what toy was in a white boy’s hand, except that they both started running in the same direction for no reason.


    1. I initially thought that “manipulated content” was a tag the creator of the video put up to signal the subject of his video. “This is how CNN manipulates content.”


  2. Surely the fact that people can assume it’s real could say more about their own stupidity and/or political indoctrination than about the ad?


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