The Icky Cervantes

Turns out that the same people who destroyed the statue of Junípero Serra vandalized the Cervantes statue nearby.

Cervantes, of course, wasn’t completely perfect. Certainly, he wasn’t nearly as perfect as the sainted protesters. Plus, he was Hispanic, and that’s icky.

7 thoughts on “The Icky Cervantes”

  1. “he wasn’t nearly as perfect as the sainted protesters”

    And he was enslaved for a few years (though the religions and skin tones are wrong for the protestors to care).


    1. // (though the religions and skin tones are wrong for the protestors to care).

      I haven’t commented on this before since it’s my eternal topic, but I’ve been reading BLM activists tweeting how synagogues are an accepted target since Jews were slave owners too, saw photos of a defaced synagogue, and quite a few other things connected to Jews.

      Yet, I don’t think one mosque was defaced in those BLM protests. It’s kind of funny since I thought Slavic people were called Slavs because of being slaves, kidnapped by Muslims and even sold abroad to Muslims as slaves by their own rulers at different times in European history.

      Remember watching in Ukraine quite popular 1990s TV series “Roxolana” which is based on real historical facts :

      ROXOLANA: The remarkable sixteenth century Ukrainian woman who changed the course of Ottoman imperial history.
      From harem slavery to the pinnacle of imperial power: how a Ukrainian village girl won the heart of Suleiman the Magnificent and conquered the world’s mightiest empire

      The link tells a bit about the real history of this unique woman.


  2. In San Francisco protesters tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant. I think someone wasn’t paying attention in history class…


  3. It’s easy to get mixed up while tilting at statues. The evil Trump probably planted the statue there so as to deny the protestors the honor of defacing a statue of an actual slave owner.


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