You Got to Be Dumb

What’s really funny about leftists is that when you express an opinion they don’t like, they immediately try to educate you, offering inane Wikipedia links or Instagram memes aimed at enlightening you.

It does not occur to them that somebody might have access to the facts but has simply reached a different conclusion. If anybody on the planet disagrees with them, that can only be because those who disagree are either evil or stupid. No other possibility exists.

They have really bought into the argument that holding the opinions they do is a sign both of an incandescent moral virtue and profound knowledge. This is why semiliterate teenagers on Twitter are sincerely exhorting scholars with decades of experience in fields like biology to “educate themselves” on biology.

8 thoughts on “You Got to Be Dumb”

  1. Exactly. Look at the structure of schooling: you are assigned a grade based on age and not on what you already know, what you are interested in, or who you’d like to hang out with, and for years on end put under the micromanagement of someone who, these days, is more likely than not to be a functionally illiterate and innumerate product of our fine education schools. The only way to get ahead is to follow instructions exactly and regurgitate on command. Those who do this best – those ‘front row kids’ we read about – are given the gold star, the pat on the head, the straight A’s, the AP classes, the admission to the ‘good’ colleges, the scholarships, the honors degrees, the fellowships, and the good jobs. OF COURSE they are the most moral, best educated people History has ever known! Everybody they know, all the authority figures they have direct experience with, confirm this belief!

    Those of us who sat in the back (usually reading) and didn’t buy it, are of course an existential threat: very carefully, on purpose, over the course of a decade and a half or more, the message was: good, smart people do what the teacher says! Only evil, stupid people ignore the teacher.

    Thus, the other day, tried to explain why the Lockup is a fraud, based on math and logic and basic science, a relative of mine – a lawyer! imagine! – could only counter with accusations that the anti-lockup ‘deniers’ were a right-wing conspiracy to get everybody killed, and that the science was all on her side. Never mind that she is as sadly scientifically illiterate (I’m not) as any other fine product of America’s law schools, and could not have followed the science had I been given a chance to lay it out – nope, she is on Team Science! The good, smart people. Therefore I must – MUST – be evil and stupid.


    1. // why the Lockup is a fraud, based on math and logic and basic science

      I read a statement (unsure whether it’s wholly true) that since protests, which started more than two weeks ago, haven’t led to a mass increase in the cases, it proves the lockdown is unnecessary.

      In Israel most places like schools have been open for several weeks. Of course, now we have nearly 300 new cases per day since nobody wear a mask (except me and a few other ‘freaks’), including on public transportation. 😦

      Interesting to check who is hurt the most from the lockdown. In Israel, women are hit more: “although women represent slightly less than 50% of the working population, they have accounted for 56% of unemployment claims filed with the Israeli government since March 1.”


      1. Cases are a function of testing more than anything else. The thing to watch: overall deaths. Have overall deaths risen significantly? If not, then there’s no problem no matter what the case numbers do.

        The only other hard-ish numbers that might tell you something: respiratory hospitalizations. People who might die, IOW. All other numbers, even if they aren’t being actively gamed, are just too loosey-goosey to base anything on.


        1. I keep repeating this to people until I grow hoarse. “Cases” is a meaningless number. If you stop testing altogether, cases will disappear. Ramp up testing, there will likely be more cases. But given that the overwhelming majority of the infected have mild to no symptoms, the number of cases is not important.

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          1. When I have this discussion with people, I go whole hog: Increasing numbers of cases, right now, in mid-June is GREAT NEWS! As long as there are empty beds in the hospitals, and we protect the nursing homes, we want to get as many normal, healthy-ish people as possible exposed, while it’s summer and our immune systems are working well. That way we can all get it over with before fall, when we are weaker and more susceptible.

            In response, they show me pictures of the “cases” graph. Because they are incapable of even reading and processing an opposing viewpoint on the subject, in order to come up with a cogent reply. Total brain lockout. It is scary.

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            1. Yesterday I tried to have a discussion with colleagues. Showed them some CDC studies. They got very upset. Reality doesn’t coincide with their expectations. Such trauma!


          2. Deaths aren’t a perfect measurement either, obviously, in that tracking them doesn’t differentiate between a problem solved and a problem non-existent.


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