Great News or No News?

Yesterday, US reported the lowest daily death count from COVID since March 24.

Let’s boycott the news sources that don’t put this out like the major news story it is.

8 thoughts on “Great News or No News?”

  1. A trend, in Canada at least, is that death count and covid cases are lower during weekends, so there may be news here. Non-story.


  2. Ok. As you know, it is tricky to read the Covid data. Reported cases/deaths vs actual cases/deaths. How cases-deaths are counted in different jurisdictions. Ugh…

    If there is a trend and indeed death cases are steadily lower, wonderful. It should be reported.


    1. I have a colleague who wants to call police on a construction worker she saw on campus without a mask. Because she’s in mortal danger from him. People have gone certifiably nuts over this.


      1. Including me. I am in a train right now. 2-meter distance between passengers. But the girl in a seat behind, not too far, is sneezing and coughing like crazy, without a mask. They let her in? Should I ask her if she is suffering from seasonal allergies or something? Should I « denounce » her to the train attendant?

        This kind of questions is so unlike me that it shows to what extent fear works in this context.


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