Crazy Stories

My husband doesn’t have time for news, so I give him updates on major news stories. It used to be fun but it isn’t any more. He started looking at me like I’ve been in the sun for too long and have become loopy. I find myself constantly repeating, “I swear to God this happened exactly like I’m telling you. No, for real. Please Google it. I swear!”

How do I tell him the noose story without sounding like a total basket case?

11 thoughts on “Crazy Stories”

  1. He started looking at me like I’ve been in the sun for too long and have become loopy….How do I tell him the noose story without sounding like a total basket case?
    You can’t. Unless it’s something he totally needs to know otherwise people in public will kick his ass or shun him, it’s not important.
    He just needs to know that everyone is losing their collective minds for different reasons. Does he at least know the major reasons why?


  2. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the New York Times op-ed by the academic woman who claimed that sex was better for women under Soviet socialism.

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    1. Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY??? Sharing a one bedroom apartment with your parents, a married sibling and three kids? While having no access to contraception and having had to do up to 3 dozen brutally invasive abortions?

      I’m sure there are weird people who would find that sexy but there can’t be more than 3 such freaks on the planet.


        1. “After the Bolshevik takeover, Vladimir Lenin and Aleksandra Kollontai enabled a sexual revolution in the early years of the Soviet Union, with Kollontai arguing that love should be freed from economic considerations.”

          This is extraordinarily ignorant. That “sexual revolution” lasted all of five minutes, after which extreme puritanism set in. Unmarried mothers were pariahs. People who had affairs were subjected to intense public shaming at work. My ex-husbands father was vilified at work and booted out of his managerial position for getting divorced in order to marry another woman. The other woman was Jewish, and his party bosses were outraged that he’d leave a nice Russian lady to marry “a dirty kike.”

          My own grandfather beat his daughter (my aunt) into a bloody pulp because he heard a rumour she might have had sex outside of marriage. The shame was impossible for him to bear. Sexual harassment and assault, including within families, was rampant. Starting from early puberty girls were subjected to forced, often public, gynecological exams whose results were made public and the girls or unmarried women found to not be virgins were publicly shamed.

          I could go on for hours.


        2. I’ve seen that article some time ago. I guess this is a proof that an anthropologist observing some foreign society may, if not careful, arrive at some very weird conclusions about the organizing principles of that society…


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